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Ask Your Spirit Guide

A while back, in the middle of winter, actually, for several days in a row, I found a ladybug either right on my clothing or right near me while I was busy doing something. This occurred in different ... read more

Setbacks as Opportunities

Have you ever felt like if it weren't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all? Most people go through periods of time, long or short, when it just seems as if no matter what you do, something is ... read more

Why Tempt Fate?

Have you ever spilled your salt and scurried to throw it over your shoulder because - gulp - you needed to ward off evil spirits? Do you get nervous if someone doesn't say bless you when you ... read more


Life's hard enough without having to worry about accidentally upsetting the spirit world. But if you pay attention to these superstitions, you can use them to your advantage to stay lucky in life - and ... read more
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