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A while back, in the middle of winter, actually, for several days in a row, I found a ladybug either right on my clothing or right near me while I was busy doing something. This occurred in different places of the house. One time the bug was right on my shoulder out of the blue when I turned and saw it. It was almost synchronistic how this would happen. I have been going through marital problems and divorce, and it has been very difficult. I worry that I will be okay with my boys. I would like to know if this has any significance to me regarding these stresses. I believe they are lucky and this one seemed like a good luck charm following me around my house for days. Please advise, thank you,



Dear Renee,

First I want to thank you for sending me on such a fun journey. Ladybugs have always given me a lift when they appear, because I was taught as a child that they represent good luck, but I had no idea their lucky symbolism is believed worldwide, or that their interpretations are so detailed and helpful.

Of course your ladybugs were a sign of luck, of good fortune to come, of events turning around and becoming positive for you again. What’s very significant is that your ladybugs appeared in winter, when their species traditionally hunts for a warm, quiet place to hibernate.

Your ladybugs, and those of your guides who called her forward as your messenger, tell me that their winter message to you was this: “When you give the ladybug a place in your home for the winter, both literally and symbolically, when you smile and mentally open your heart to this omen of good luck, you influence your future powerfully for the good. When you are willing to believe in good outcomes, when you work to break the patterns of negative and fearful thoughts a difficult divorce can create, you make it possible for the blessings of the Universe, for positive experiences and lucky circumstances, to flow through you and into your future.”

And your guides asked me to give you these things to remember about ladybugs. First, farmers love them because they eat aphids and prevent crop damage. To apply this to your life, imagine your winter ladybugs swarming out into your future, happily consuming a diet of negative thoughts and difficult possibilities so you and your sons can grow and thrive. Second, ladybugs are associated with love in many cultures. Asian folklore says that if you catch a ladybug and then release her, she’ll fly off, find your true love, and whisper your name in their ear. So, be open to love coming into your life again. In Ireland ladybugs are seen as protective. How can that not be helpful and welcome?

All in all, your winter visitors brought you messages of hope and possibility for your future, which I hope are already manifesting in your life.

Good luck to you and your sons, Renee.

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