Jupiter Enters Aquarius

Jupiter, the Lord of Fortune, will be entering airy Aquarius on January 6, 2009! Expect things to change as this behemoth raises our consciousness and blesses us with luck while the plant makes a year-long trek through cerebral and socially aware Aquarius. By the time Jupiter finishes this journey on January 18, 2010, each one of us should be able to look back with a smile on our face, and give a little thanks to the planet who is known for rewarding efforts and lending a helping hand.

Properties of Jupiter
Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and he sure does know how to throw his weight around! This big boy is credited with influencing truth, justice, law, expansion, and grace. However, one of the greatest gifts Jupiter bestows is luck, so keep your fingers crossed and Jupiter in mind, because yours is about to change!

Jupiter Rules!
This masculine planet rules both Pisces and Sagittarius, and the 9th and 12th houses. The 9th House, commonly referred to as the House of Philosophy, governs politics, travel, education, law, philosophical and religious views; so we’re all in for a bit of shake-up and wake-up energy. The 12th House, sometimes called the House of Undoing, governs your secrets, your subconscious, sorrow, loss and restriction. It is here that the Wisdom of Jupiter can help us to grow, release, and change.

As Jupiter Transits Aquarius…
The Aquarian transit of Jupiter is sure to bring great things, personally and globally. Because both Jupiter and Aquarius have properties related to consciousness and the higher mind, spiritual awakenings and technological developments are likely to be plentiful. The mix of Jupiter and Aquarian energy is sure to bring an element of adventure. The stirrings and urgings to discover and explore new things, including trying to better ourselves, may be too tempting to resist.

While blessings are sure to be plentiful, remember that this is an intellectually-charged time. There is likely to be an undercurrent of restlessness, so don’t forget to think things through. The blend of energy created by this dynamic duo creates major opportunities for success, but Jupiter is a diligent father force who rewards hard work – not impetuous action.

The year of this transit is all about change. New beliefs will replace outdated ones, tolerance is likely to replace resistance. Many more people and companies will focus on “Going Green,” as the Jupiter/Aquarian energy shifts the mind set from “me” to “we,” raising social consciousness.

By Sign…
How will Jupiter in Aquarius influence you?

Capricorn is likely to be more industrious than ever, increasing status and acquiring mementos of hard-won success. Your values and priorities may shift a bit, pulling you toward things more spiritually inclined.

Aquarius will buckle down and push to achieve goals and ambitions. Work hard and play hard, but don’t let yourself party to excess. This Jupiter/Aquarius blend of energy is surely helping you to be, and do, your best.

Pisces will be inclined to give things away, helping people, charities, and institutions when they can. Usually working behind the scenes, they may find themselves in the spotlight – a testament to what can be achieved when the attitude is “I think I can.”

Aries will feel more like themselves, charging ahead to further their career. With improving your money situation, don’t forget to repay your debts! Both Jupiter and Aquarius are watching over you.

Taurus will no longer feel like the Bull in the China shop. Luck is with you, attracting prominent people and a chance to shine in the spotlight. Your public appeal is about to get a big boost, so be careful to keep your secrets out of the limelight.

Gemini needs to be careful of overdoing things, because your optimism may be reaching an all-time high. The urge to travel can bring you unexpected opportunities, including new partnerships and broadening of your spiritual mind.

Cancer will experience financial gains through marriage and other partnerships. Those born under the sign of the Crab are likely to come out of their shell, and explore new depths of sexuality and spirituality.

Leo may struggle a bit to keep a conservative attitude, as anything bright and shiny will hold a tempting allure. Luck is with you in both finance and love; partnerships created now are likely to endure.

Virgo can expect improvements in health and relationships, but should guard against procrastination. Hard work will be rewarded, and you may even be gifted with a chance to travel someplace exotic.

Libra can anticipate improved relationships, especially with family and children. Love and romance will give you quite the ego boost, and a new-found confidence will help you in all things.

Scorpio is likely to experience many beginnings and endings, taking you to a new level of material and spiritual existence. Luck will be with you and your well thought-out plans, especially in your quests for power.

Sagittarius will wander from topic to topic, absorbing knowledge and experience along the way. You’ll be feeling like you are in your element, and improved status is on its way.

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter will be in retrograde from June 15, 2009 through October 13, 2009 but that doesn’t mean your luck will fade. This is a period of soul-searching and intuition, teaching us all that our greatest answers truly come from within. For those who were born with Jupiter in retrograde, you may find that your luck has just doubled. Many changes will manifest at this time, as we all will be feeling a little more connected, and in charge of our own fate.

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