20 New Year’s Eve Traditions for a Good 2020

20 New Years Eve Traditions for a Good 2020 | California Psychics

Ringing in the New Year

There are a lot of New Years’ Eve traditions that welcome luck, love, health, and prosperity into the New Year. But the ones that tend to follow through with their promise are based on the power of positive thinking, knowing what you want, preparation, and of course, following though.

New Year’s Resolution

On average, people who set New Year’s resolutions are ten times more likely to achieve their dreams and goals. And what increases your odds even more is limiting them to only a couple of goals, keeping your expectations reasonable, keeping the process simple, and telling as many people about them as you can.

Champagne Toast

Russians believe you can improve your chances of achieving goals if you write them down, burn them, and toss the ashes in your New Year’s champagne.

Believe in Lucky Charms

Believing in superstition boosts certainty and confidence. This is important because any boost in confidence leads to clearer thinking, quicker decision making, and overall improved performance. By believing you will have a good year, you increase the probability that you will.

Letting Go

Most of us hold onto our failures longer than our successes. But many people throughout Latin America burn these bad memories using a life-sized doll. You can achieve the same relief by making a list of what you want to forget from 2019 and then destroy it in whatever way you see fit.

Good Company

The first person to step into a Scottish home after midnight will decide the fate of the New Year. And yes, the company you keep guides your success, so think very carefully about who you carry with you into 2020 and who you might want to leave behind.

Clean Start

A Persian New Year starts with a deep cleansing of the home. And considering clutter leads to higher levels of stress and a greater chance of illness, a clean house might prepare you for a successful year far more than you think.

Out with the Old

Parts of South Africa toss out old appliances (literally out the window) to welcome renewed prosperity for the year. Getting rid of old items you no longer use will keep you from getting bogged down with worry about where to keep all that extra stuff.


Many cultures say that a kiss at midnight will bring everlasting love and romance. And they are definitely onto something, considering that whomever you grab on this night will share a rush of oxytocin with you, thus strengthening any feelings of attachment.

Backwards Thinking

Some cultures believe that wearing underwear inside-out can instill good luck for the New Year. Keep in mind that reversing other things can improve luck, such as planning towards your goals by thinking in the reverse order (from the goal you want to achieve to where you are now).

Clean Underwear

According to multiple cultures, red underwear encourages love, yellow brings prosperity, and white creates peace. If you’re hoping for all three in 2020, there’s no rule that says you can’t wear all three at the same time, though we would highly recommend doing laundry before New Year’s Eve if you want to test this tradition.

Top it Off

Many cultures believe that starting the New Year with a cupboard full of food is a great way to welcome prosperity. It is also a good way to free up time to focus on those resolutions and minimize costly trips to the grocery store that result in impulse buying.


Most every culture will ring in the New Year with a feast triggering happy memories, cultural significance, and instilled comfort. This is a good tradition to follow, even though it may result in a few extra pounds on the scale.


Can a jelly-filled doughnut improve on the new year? Well, if you’re German, or just like eating sugary dough, the answer is absolutely yes.

12 Grapes

In Spain, eating 12 grapes after midnight boosts your chances of a good year. It will also aid in a better night’s sleep, considering 12 grapes contains just enough melatonin to calm the brain and get the body ready for a long and fruitful winter’s nap.

Happy Accidents

Denmark considers broken dishware a sign of luck, while the Swiss consider spilling any “rich” food, like ice cream, a sign that riches (prosperity) will soon drop into your life. A truly bad year will rarely occur if you believe in happy accidents.

Visualize the Win

In parts of Central and South America, getting out an empty suitcase and wandering the neighborhood is a great way to ensure travel plans throughout the New Year are realized. Visualizing any resolution will make it more likely you will follow through anyway, so why not give it a try?


Many cultures offer gifts to instill a year of prosperity for the receiver. Traditional offerings include salt, money, bread, and coal. Even though New Year’s tradition states that the giver will not receive luck in return, you will most assuredly gain happiness.

Pet Whispering

Belgian Farmers celebrate the New Year with a toast to their livestock, while Romanian farmers try to communicate with them (they receive a full year of luck if they succeed.) And sometimes a quiet night with your pet(s) is all the celebration you will need.

Settling Differences

In Peru, punching your enemies has become synonymous with starting the New Year fresh; however, forgiveness is the more potent tool for resolution.

Seeds of Forgiveness

Siberia sows their New Year’s trees at the bottom of a frozen lake, which may sound difficult. But it is no more difficult than settling last year’s wrongs with a sincere apology and accepting the apologies you do (and don’t) receive with sincere forgiveness.

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  1. Paul Greenhall

    2019 has been rough both health-wise & financially. It has been my sense of things that it has been in the Ether, meaning many positive folks have taken a negative hit, some worse than others. And whereas I once was able to ‘Winder the Ether’ and see, nowadays its been a day-to-day remaining positive as best we can under the circumstances. What does 2020 reveil?


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