Feng Shui Tips for Summertime Happiness

Get Your House in Order With Feng Shui!

Don’t be illing, be chilling with Feng Shui cures, a no medicine approach to finding good fortune (luck), happiness and ways to make life easier and more efficient. Some of the many things these cures can do are – help you to focus on goals, make more money, find a romantic partner and improve health. The best part of Feng Shui cures is that your willpower makes it work. When you focus on the cure by looking at it, you are using the power of suggestion to bring about the desired effect.

Clearing Clutter – This is so important in the space you work and live. Our lifestyle, our homes, work places, and even our cars mirror our insides. To be clear of mind, body and soul un-cluttering is the place to start. Life moves smoothly when nothing is in your way.

Balance – Yin and Yang – As above, so below, dark – light, quiet – noisy, hot – cold, male – female. Depending on the room or the effect, finding a balance is very helpful in creating the perfect place to eat, sleep, play or work.

Colors – What brings out the best in you? Are you a summer, winter, spring or autumn colored person? Colors calm us down and rev us up, they help us sleep or enjoy a meal, heighten lovemaking or even help us study or work with a clearer mind.

Shapes – The shape of objects can bring comfort to a room, it is important to have a balance allowing nothing to overwhelm any one object.

With summer here and life being busy with all the outdoor fun, we need some quick and easy tips to keep our flow going. Here are some easy ten-minute tips.

Prosperity Tip – Place a bowl or jar near your front door and drop a penny (or your change) in it each time you go in or out the door. This affirms your intention of being prosperous.

Love Tip – Dab a small drop of perfume on each night before going to sleep. Perfume is an aphrodisiac, wearing it makes you feel desirable. Scents linked to passion are Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, musk and patchouli.

Burn incense in a wooden holder, bamboo is very powerful. This cure helps attract a partner.

No plants in the bedroom with spiky leaves or points, these plants can cause discomfort between you and your partner.

Tie two bells together on a red ribbon and hang from your bedroom doorknob. This makes music each time you open and close the door, reminding you of your intention to bring love into your life.

Good Luck and Happiness Tip – Sweep the entrance to your house, it will enhance the flow.

Enter each room of your home every day. This will activate the flow of energy and keep your life from stagnating.

Turn a light on in a room you do not usually use for ten minutes, this helps to keep us progressing.

Health/Well-Being – Put green or blue sheets on your bed, these are calming colors and will help you sleep better.

Place a piece of amethyst on your nightstand, this stone gives soothing vibrations.

Move Your Bed Away From a Window – Move your bed if it shares the same wall as a toilet, this can drain your energy while you are asleep.

Position your bed so you can see the door to your bedroom, this will give you peace of mind.

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Tips for Summertime Happiness

  1. Marc from the UK

    Great affirming tips! I do try some of these. THE BIGGEST TIP? do not rush these or do soo much to quickly or you can cause mayhem!! A bit like going to the doctors, take your prescription as directed not in one go!!

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