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Are You Lucky?

You have probably noticed that luck tends to favor some people more than others. And as it turns out, there is a good reason for that. It is because good fortune is not too proud to accept bribery. It tends to favor those with imagination, good perception, confidence, preparation, and a giving heart. If you’ve ever uttered the words, “Why can’t I be one of the lucky ones,” I’d like to explain what you’ve been missing all these unlucky years.

Prelude to Luck

Every success story has two common events. There is that moment of great accomplishment, and there is also all the many, many… many failures it took to discover that success. Luck is actually a game of odds, and the more you play and lose, the more likely you are to win. Think of it this way, the people who seem to have more luck than anyone else, also have the worst failure rates. And we’re talking about a truly massive rate, like somewhere in the range of 80 to 1. The reason nobody sees this correlation is that we tend to overlook other people’s failure. If you want to increase your luck – you first have to accept a higher rate of failure.

Learning Curve

Most people fail to create luck, simply because they fear failure more than they desire success. We hate to fail so much that we’d rather listen to our inner critic tell us not to bother trying. We have already established that the odds grow in your favor the more you lose, but they increase exponentially when you learn from that failure. It is in this extra effort that you discover new ideas, recognize undiscovered talent and find a fresh approach to an already beaten path. You don’t have to accept failure as an end, but you should learn from it. While your goals rarely change, your plans to achieve them can always use improvement.

Luck is Contagious

Offering kindness is a form of giving “luck” to other people when they need it most. This can be interpreted as introducing them to a prospective job, a new dating partner, a helping hand, a lifelong friendship, or just a little inspiration. It feels great to be at the giving end of luck. It tends to build successful circles of friends who will drive your motivation and help actualize your goals. In short, when you give luck unconditionally, it tends to find its way back to you.


The mind is a powerful force. You can tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day… and that expectation will come true simply because you believe. But there is no magic at play, only a better perception and increased awareness for the opportunity. When you expect a good day, you tend to notice the good things you might otherwise miss. You also give bad events the chance to develop into a positive outcome. Also, by having a positive mindset, you become open to seeking and acting on new opportunities, and we’ve already learned that luck is a prelude to anything that involves ‘taking action’.

Lucky Charm

Those who own and use a good luck charm achieve better outcomes for those who don’t. And this is not just a form of tricking your perception. People improve on their mental cognition, physical strength, and overall focus when they own and use a personal lucky charm. As it turns out, a charm creates security and confidence. It helps to take your mind off the possibility of failure so that you can focus on the task at hand. In other words, it removes the handicaps that you normally place on yourself. The only negative outcome that could possibly come from believing you can do the impossible – is absolutely nothing.

Your Inner Shamrock

There is nobody who understands your abilities, failures, and successes more than you do. Research suggests that both lucky and unlucky people possess some amount of intuition when it comes to making important life-changing decisions. The only difference between the people who consider themselves lucky, is they are the ones who listen, interpret, and act on such intuitions.

In summary, luck can be coaxed into your favor. All you need to offer in return is a portion of your time, attention, faith, motivation, problem-solving, friendship, and love.

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  1. Alistir

    Firstly I must say a big thank you to “Mr Eric J. Leech” who wrote this for all of us who need a word of encouragement…. Everything was perfectly explain and to be honest I am already feeling lucky an I trust that you will continue to be of good heart


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