How You Can Make Your Own Luck

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Luck Plays Favorites

You have probably noticed that luck tends to favor some people more than others. As it turns out, there may be a reason for that: it’s because good fortune is not too proud to accept bribery. It tends to favor those with imagination, perception, confidence, preparation, and generosity. If you’ve ever asked yourself why you can’t be one of “the lucky ones,” there’s some good news. With some careful planning and a change in perspective, you can indeed heighten the amount of good fortune in your life.

Inviting Luck Into Your Life

Every success story has two things in common. There is that moment of great accomplishment, and there are also all the many, many failures that it took for the person in question to reach that success. Luck is actually a game of odds. The more you play and lose, the more likely you are to win. This correlation is easy to miss, as most folks have a tendency to overlook other people’s failures. However, though it may be hard to identify from the outside, the people who seem to have more luck than anyone else usually have the highest failure rates. So, if you want to increase your luck, you must first accept a greater chance of failure. This involves taking a few extra steps. You must:

1. Embrace the Learning Curve

Most individuals fail to make their own luck simply because they fear failure more than they desire success. People hate failing so much that they’d rather listen to their inner critic when it tells them that they shouldn’t even bother trying. To really improve your luck, you have to defy that instinct. You should not only take chances but embrace the situations where you don’t succeed.

The odds grow in your favor the more you lose, but they increase exponentially when you learn from those failures. It is through this extra effort that you discover new ideas, recognize undiscovered talent, and find fresh ways to walk an already-beaten path. You don’t have to love failure, but you should still learn from it. While your goals may not change, your methods of reaching them can always improve.

2. Share the Positivity

Kindness is a way of giving “luck” to other people when they need it most. Maybe you introduce them to a prospective job or a new romantic partner. Alternatively, perhaps you offered them a helping hand, a lifelong friendship, or a little bit of inspiration. If you support others, you’ll eventually build a successful circle of friends who will motivate you and help you actualize your goals. In short, when you give luck to the people around you (especially when you do so unconditionally), it tends to find its way back to you.

3. Manifest the Outcome You Want

The mind is a powerful force. You can tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day — and that may indeed come to pass, simply because you believe it will. However, there is no magic at play here, only improved perception and awareness of potential opportunities. When you expect to have a good day, you tend to notice the good things that you might otherwise miss. You also give bad events a chance to reach a positive outcome. Also, by having an uplifting mindset, you become open to seeking and acting on new possibilities without being held back by fear.

4. Get a Lucky Charm

In addition to the above techniques, many people believe that owning and using a good luck charm can help lead to better outcomes. Some individuals even feel improvements to their mental cognition, physical strength, and overall focus when they use a personal lucky charm. As it turns out, these tokens create security and confidence. They help take your mind off the possibility of failure so that you can focus on the task at hand. In other words, they remove the handicaps that you normally place on yourself. As such, though it may sound cliché, having a token or charm that you carry around can indeed do wonders to increase your luck. This is especially true if your chosen item has personal significance.

Know That You Can Improve Your Luck

There is nobody who understands your abilities, failures, and successes better than you do. Research suggests that both lucky and unlucky people possess some amount of intuition when it comes to making important, life-changing decisions. The only difference between the people who consider themselves lucky and the ones who don’t is whether they listen to, interpret, and act on those instincts. If you need help connecting with your inner voice, it may be wise to reach out to an expert (such as a therapist or life path advisor) for support.

Even with all the difficulties in the world, luck can be coaxed to act in your favor. All you need to offer in return is a bit of time, attention, faith, and love.

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  1. Alistir

    Firstly I must say a big thank you to “Mr Eric J. Leech” who wrote this for all of us who need a word of encouragement…. Everything was perfectly explain and to be honest I am already feeling lucky an I trust that you will continue to be of good heart


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