Fate and Your Finances

Have you ever asked a psychic to pick lottery numbers for you, choose the right horse to bet on or name the winning team for a football pool? Ones with integrity generally won't answer those types of ... read more

Your Lucky Day

Friday the 13th is so reputed for bad luck, that fear of the day has an actual name — paraskavedekatriaphobia (try saying that three times fast)! But while this day of the week date of the month ... read more

How To Meet Your Destiny

What is destiny? How do you know what your destiny is? I am often asked by callers whether or not a given opportunity or obstacle is a sign about their destiny. The answer is often a disconcerting "yes. ... read more

Free Will or Fate?

What's your philosophy of life? Do you believe that we are predestined to experience certain losses and tragedies in order to learn our lessons in this lifetime? Or, perhaps you get the feeling that the ... read more
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Sexual Soulmates

Ah, chemistry. There is very little in this world as intense - or wonderful - as mind-blowing sex. When you physically connect with someone so deeply that it feels like getting into bed (or wherever), it's ... read more
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