Free Will or Fate?

What’s your philosophy of life? Do you believe that we are predestined to experience certain losses and tragedies in order to learn our lessons in this lifetime? Or, perhaps you get the feeling that the Universe just throws out random events to see how we’ll react – and that’s how life happens.

Have you ever wondered if the concept of free will can trump all – even change your destiny? These are some of the basic questions that callers ask our psychics to try to understand the tough breaks they may have to deal with in order to continue along their life journeys.

Not surprisingly, our psychics’ answers to these deeply spiritual questions are mixed. Here’s what they had to say:

Generally our intuitives follow the school of thought that everything happens for a reason. Their beliefs are based on their experiences – helping callers with issues, and then watching their futures play out. Many have a firm belief that we choose at least some of the basic circumstances which we are born into, and some of these circumstances, they also see, can be changed.

It is the losses and tragedies that help us understand life, explains TeriLynn ext. 9625. “How they work out, and how our lives unfold because of them is our journey through emotional and spiritual growth.”

Ariel ext. 9775 believes that we choose our parents and our character, explaining that, “through our character we make choices that become our destiny.”

Anastasia ext. 5167, who is sure that she chose her parents and endured family trauma so that she could focus on healing in this lifetime, maintains that “our souls choose our key losses and tragedies before we come into this life, in order to learn lessons or resolve Karma.”

“My guides have shown me that sometimes difficult events are chosen before we reincarnate,” Tammy ext. 9380 reports. “However, not all events appear to be predestined. I believe that we all made our sacred contracts before we came here – contracts between us and our higher selves. What’s very important to understand, I believe, is that there is no one other than ourselves holding us to this contract.”

So how do we use our free will? How do we opt to make choices, when say, in a reading it appears that our destiny is moving us directly into more unhappiness, more stagnation, or more heartbreak? What can we do? Some soul choices can be changed with conscious awareness, many psychics say. Often we are offered choices, and at other times our growth may lead us to different beliefs that again offer us more choices as to how we will live out our lives. But the key is always that we need to be aware of what’s going on in our lives. We have to see the choices, seize opportunities, and learn our lessons in order to change our lives.

“That’s because our free will has more power than a contract,” Tammy points out. “The beauty of free will is that you can always override the outcome of a psychic reading that you don’t like by making different choices. Look at all of the possible outcomes, should you decide to take different pathways. What will your parallel reality be? This is one way to use your readings to your best advantage.

It’s when we learn from these difficult but divine assignments that we understand why we need to have these experiences in the first place.

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