Fate and Your Finances

A good psychic can coach you into following through with financial resolutions that may require extra encouragement – creating a savings plan, holding off on risky spending, looking into partnerships, or even paying off bills. “We can guide you to the right job, alternate sources of income and teach you prosperity consciousness, or how to create wealth,” our psychics agree.

And you don’t have to give a psychic any of your personal information to receive insight into your finances. What intuitives can see is a caller’s world of choices and the possible roads to success. They have done readings about education loans, work issues, retirement planning, business partnerships, divorce. The best way to do it is to ask your psychic about the big picture in question to see if the plan you’re following is the most direct road to success.

A psychic can tell you what your financial strengths are, the best direction to move in to improve finances – as well as the blocks that are inhibiting you from reaching your peak potential and goals.

A psychic can look into your future to see where your money is coming from and what you are doing with it. They can tell you where there is waste that you may not be aware of. “I’ve seen rounds of drinks and dinners being picked up for a whole group by people who can barely meet their mortgage payments. I see a great deal of waste in financial readings, and often until I point it out, callers are reluctant to think that it has any bearing on their situation,” one psychic points out.

Timing is everything… and when it comes to financial concerns this really holds true, agree Joyce and Mystic. Working with astrology and a client’s current circumstances Joyce ext. 9598 can see when there can be excellent financial returns and when there might be difficulties. “I was able to tell a recent client that Saturn was moving away from her second house, and because the Tarot spread we integrated into the reading indicated that the wheel of fortune would be turning her way, plus the three of Pentacles was urging her to do something creative…. I was able to suggest that the client would have returns on her project in as few as three months as long as she moved forward with careful planning and networking,” Mystic remembers. “It was interesting that the caller revealed that she was about to begin selling her own clothing line.”

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