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Make Time For Sex

As life intensifies, it can shift from relaxing to taxing, so sometimes we lose sight of what we really need. Make the time to pay attention to that one activity that can make all the difference ... read more

Marriage Astrology

Can astrology reveal if your relationship is headed for the altar? You bet! Comparing the charts of two lovers will reveal the depth of their feelings for each other - and if they have what it takes to tie ... read more

Loving Unavailable People

Oh, why do we love those that can't love us back? It's the agony of romantic comedies, tragedies and endless journal entries. If you are stuck in the sad pattern of falling into relationships that leave ... read more

Dating Over 35

Dating over 35? You mean you're not married? You find it hard to meet people - wow, I can't believe it! Over the years, our priorities shift, careers expand, interests change read more
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