DreamCast: What Does the Baby Represent?

I had a dream where I learned that I was pregnant. At first I was terrified because I’m only 23, just starting life on my own and getting my career and finances established, not to mention the fact that I’m unmarried. My boyfriend in the dream (someone I know in real life who isn’t a boyfriend per se, more of a casual lover) was a real idiot and because of these reasons, I contemplated abortion. But for some reason I changed my mind and decided to take responsibility and have the child.

Then close to the time when I was due to give birth, my parents found out and demanded I get an abortion. I started to agree with them seeing their points, but I felt so bad about doing that and I was able to convince them to let me go through with it and give the baby up for adoption. I then had the child (it was a boy) but was unable to let him go. The dream flashed forward several years and the boy was about 8 -10 years old asking about his dad. I described the man, but gave him a different last name and the dream ended. When I woke up, I, of course, was very nervous as I took this to be quite literal. What is your interpretation?

Nancy in Los Angeles

Hello Nancy,

Having a baby usually symbolizes a new part of yourself that’s developing, such as a new talent. Or the dream could indicate you’re feeling pushed into getting more serious about commitment, about your relationship or something else. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the dream is telling you to be careful about birth control, or you could wind up pregnant (and the fact that your boyfriend was acting like an idiot doesn’t bode well for fatherhood for him). Your parents probably represent the “parental” side of your personality. It’s the part that judges you and decrees whether you should or shouldn’t do something. So let me ask, Is there an aspiration you have which you feel is inappropriate for your life right now? Do some soul searching about how you judge yourself when faced with a new situation or opportunity, instead of trusting your heart.

Sweet dreams,

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