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Can a Sexless Marriage Work?

Has the sex gone out of your marriage? Sex is very important in mature relationships, so what do you do when your partner just doesn't want to do the deed? Many are forced to live without passion and ... read more
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Love Yourself First

Imagine, if you are able, a life without fear. Everything is perfect, safe. There are no risks and no worries. What would you do with the rest of your life? Any ideas? People often say, "I would travel," ... read more
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The Knights of the Tarot

Using the Tarot to understand how your relationship works is a great way to identify potential stumbling blocks. Maybe that relationship isn't headed toward the rocks after all... Remember, it's all about ... read more

Are We Compatible?

Sure, a lot of times opposites attract - in a big way! The push and pull of differences can create friction, heat and a whole lot of excitement in many relationships. Some of these connections last - and ... read more
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Make Love Last by Sign

Are those sexy feelings starting to fizzle? Maybe you're just a bit afraid it might happen. Now you wonder, "What do they really want in bed?" Whether you're looking for ways to turn up the heat ... read more
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