Red Responds: His Wife Will Confront Her

Margarete in Beverly writes:

I had an affair a few years ago when I fell for a man at work. After four years I said he had to leave his wife or we were done. He wasn’t ready and now four years later I hear his marriage is breaking up and they almost divorced last year. She is very vindictive so I’ve never let her know who I am. A recent reading (and other prior ones) said he’s coming back, and also that the wife will confront me. I can handle her, but what I want to know is when he is returning because I also feel it, and will this be for real this time?

Dear Margarete,

Your gentleman friend has a nasty divorce that looms ahead of him, one that will suffer a few delays. It is because of this that his eventual ex will have access to you, because she most certainly will be keeping tabs on him.

While the scenario for a reunion is less than perfect, he will be stepping back into your world in what looks like late August or early September of this year. Be prepared for a little soon-to-be-ex-wife drama, and your man not always handling things with his divorce the way you would like him to.

Is it for real? Well, yeah! He’s never forgotten you, or the time that the two of you shared. But, this is a new beginning, even though it feels like coming home. Don’t let the drama and saga of a crazy woman, and a man who doesn’t always stand up to her, detract from the future you once dreamed about. Just be prepared to have some serious moments of frustration with him… and her.

You are right when you say you can handle her. Any face-to-face confrontation she brings forth you will deal with rather quickly. What you need to guard against are the immature pranks and irritations she is likely to cause. Because she won’t be able to scare you directly, she will annoy you through phone harassment and possible minor vandalism. The good news is, things look like they will quiet down by mid November, freeing you to move on with your life and rebuilding your relationship with your man.

Good luck!
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