Marriage Astrology

Can astrology reveal if your relationship is headed for the altar? You bet! Comparing the charts of two lovers will reveal the depth of their feelings for each other – and if they have what it takes to tie the knot. But this isn’t just about comparing Sun signs. You’ll get a more accurate picture of your relationship if you compare your Moon signs (emotions), Venus signs (love and affection) and Mars signs (sexual desire).

Also important for marriage is Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility. If you want a relationship that’s not just for fun, but for keeps, you’ll need a strong Saturn connection as well.

It’s all elemental
First, to determine compatibility, compare the elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) in your charts. Same-element signs are compatible. For instance, the Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, so if you have Venus in Aries, your love style will harmonize with a partner who has Venus in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Also, Fire is compatible with Air, while Water is compatible with Earth.

Energy alignment
To get down to the nitty-gritty, you’ll also need to compare planetary aspects, which are the angles formed between the planets (you’ll probably need an astrologer here). Harmonious aspects between your charts heighten compatibility, while challenging ones – and every couple has them – reveal where you’re headed for trouble, and where you’ll have to work harder to understand each other. For instance, if your Pluto “squares” (challenges) your sweetie’s Venus, you’ll have lots of depth (Pluto) in your relationship (Venus), but if the dark side of Pluto rears its ugly head (and it probably will), watch out – jealously and control issues can derail your relationship. On the other hand, if your Venus “trines” (harmonizes with) your partner’s Mars, then love (Venus) commingles nicely with lust (Mars), which means plenty of energy between the sheets.

Lunar magic
Lust is great, but for love to last, you need to be emotionally in sync with each other (unless, of course, you always thrive on high drama). That’s where the Moon comes in. The Moon not only indicates your feelings and moods, it’s your attitude about home life and having a family. Particularly in marriage (because you live together), having compatible Moons is important. Incompatible or poorly aspected Moons can leave you feeling emotionally rattled and misunderstood, on a daily basis. Also, your family ideals may clash with those of your partner. If you do a chart comparison and discover some difficult Moon aspects along with some positive ones, don’t despair: you’ll just need to make an effort to stay in tune with each other, and learn to compromise in the home arena.

Lucky seven
Then there’s the all-important 7th House – the house of marriage. This area of the chart describes your mate, as well as your attitudes about marriage. If any of your sweetie’s planets are placed in your 7th house, it will trigger your desire for (or issues about) marriage. Whether it’s a positive feeling or a negative one depends on how that planet’s energy affects you. For example, your partner’s Venus in your 7th House can be a true-love indicator that leads to marriage. Conversely, their Uranus in your 7th House can result in a pulse-pounding instant attraction that may lack the stability needed for marriage. That is, unless you also have strong Saturn aspects between you.

As you can see, marriage indicators are complex. But then, so are the people involved. Getting it right emotionally and sexually with the intention to grow old together isn’t easy. Doing a chart comparison is a good first step to finding – and sustaining – true love.

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