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As life intensifies, it can shift from relaxing to taxing, so sometimes we lose sight of what we really need.Make the time to pay attention to that one activity that can make allthe difference in your attitude, outlook and energy.

… At least, that’s what the experts maintain. In fact, the latest craze in improving and maintaining healthy relationships calls for regular – as in daily – sex. And before you say you’ve got too much to do, well… think again. Sex is great for you and your relationship – and making time for it brings many, many rewards!

For starters, frequent sex makes you happier. It eases tension, and gives you exercise. It even improves your complexion! And while stress can definitely deflate your libido (particularly in women), making a roll in the hay seem like the least appealing activity this side of balancing a checkbook, getting past that feeling and doing it anyway is one surefire way to re-ignite the fire, which can inspire your creativity – in the bedroom, and beyond. And look at what it does for your relationship!

Daily dose
Those who have tried a daily dose of sex for any extended period (at least 30 days) report feeling generally closer, and also less irritable with each other. They note that impatience decreased – as did any tendency to argue or snap. And while some found it difficult at first (and most admitted not doing it every single day over the entire stretch of time), all of them said it was worth it. Why? Because sex is nature’s way of allowing us to connect – and that connection is what solidifies a relationship.

Make time
So how do you make the time? After all, work hours are getting longer, and the days seem to be getting shorter – which brings additional stresses. For starters, experts suggest going to bed just a little bit earlier. This way, you’ve given it a time and place (though the rest is up to you). In addition, you can start thinking outside the bed. Every endeavor need not be an extended, candle-lit session. In fact, it can’t be – or you’ll never get it done! Grab a shower together in the morning, or have a quickie while doing laundry on the weekend. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, both you and your partner have to commit to the task at hand. And while you might not look forward to it every single time, regular sex is kind of like working out (in more ways than one). After all, nobody ever went to the gym and then remarked, “oh, I wish I hadn’t done that!

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