The Knights of the Tarot

It’s okay to be whoever you are, and to grow in that process. However, trying to force something to work that genuinely can’t is not only unfair, it’s also a waste of time.

Sometimes we falter because a) we are trying to get someone to live our lives for us, or b) we are refusing to respect someone’s dharma. Sometimes c) we don’t really understand who we are dealing with… Most of these issues, however, can be sorted out in a good Tarot reading. Let’s begin by looking at Knights, who are terribly important figures in the Tarot when it comes to romance.

Some of the association of the card are obvious: Knights are handsome and brave. Sometimes they are sent out on horseback to save the day. It is always good to remember, however, that Knights are in service to the King and Queen. They are warriors for the Kingdom.

The Knight of Cups is a figure on the threshold of emotional responsibility. He brings with him good opportunity, and he’s a charming favorite of the ladies. He’s also very understanding. If the card is inverted, you’ll find that this guy is a seducer – he doesn’t take responsibility for the feelings he invokes in others, and he doesn’t keep his promises. He may not even remember them! The inverted Knight of Cups is also very selfish.

The Knight of Swords is a man in uniform – a man of action. He is ready to fight for what he feels is right, and he is generally quite courageous. Inverted, however, he indicates a hardheaded streak, and is emblematic of someone who is “quick on the draw.” That upside-down Knight of Swords doesn’t care at all about anyone else’s opinions, and he can be shockingly self-serving.

The Knight of Batons is a traveler. He is a man of vision, and he may even be psychic. He puts others ahead of his own needs, and he is a dreamer. Inverted, though, he represents delays, or warns about someone who can’t see past his own issues in order to care about someone else. This upside-down Knight runs away from adversity.

The Knight of Coins is a pathfinder. He makes whatever seems to be impossible into a true potentiality. Whether he employs his keen mind or uses old-fashioned hard work, he makes things happen. When this card is upside-down, however, it warns about laziness and fear of commitment. An inverted Knight of Coins is one who gives up way too easily, and refuses to work.

How does this work in real life? Well…

Recently, I got a call from a woman who couldn’t understand why she kept dating the same type of guy, even though she had met them all in different circumstances. They were all clearly different physical types, and very different people on the surface. So, I whipped up a spread to determine exactly what she’s dealing with. Lo and behold…what I found was a Queen dealing with Pages and/or Knights. Having a Page or Knight in the layers of the person you are with isn’t always a bad thing. However, it’s not ideal. What I notice about all the Knights is that they are on the cusp of greatness, but they are perpetually in movement. They are transients, and eager to please – but if they “flip,” they are eager to get away. Pages are, for the most part, still children!

Mystery solved.

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Do you have Knights in your life? Share your thoughts here.

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