Can a Sexless Marriage Work?

Has the sex gone out of your marriage? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone – according to our California Psychics.

Every day, our top psychics tell us about callers who share their personal sadness over marriages that have never been consummated – or suffer from a loss of drive. Sometimes the spark appears to die after children arrive, and sometimes people have ongoing issues of sexual intimacy and compatibility.

Often – when sex has become the elephant that simply isn’t in the room – some people begin to look outside of their marriages for fulfillment. In these situations, our psychics say, the person may not even believe that they are cheating – they tend to think that “they have to get their needs met, after all.”

If sexual needs are really mismatched, a skilled astrologer will see it immediately in a couple’s chart. Yet there are times when both spouses are on the same page and are in agreement that sex is not all that important to their relationship. Does that work in the long run?

Tell us what you think. If everything else in a relationship is great, can sexless marriages work? How important is sex in your relationship? If the needs are mismatched, is it ever okay to venture outside the marriage?

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