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Are those sexy feelings starting to fizzle? Maybe you’re just a bit afraid it might happen. Now you wonder, “What do they really want in bed?” Whether you’re looking for ways to turn up the heat in a long-term relationship, or you’re just starting out, there are ways you can use astrology to make sure that romance never fades. Try these tips for making love last – by sign.

Libra – All things fair
Fickle Libra is just the type to get bored in monogamous love. If you want to guarantee your “balanced” one is satisfied, and is in it for the long haul, remember that Librans want to make the world a better place. So if you can make theirs better in unexpected ways – sexually speaking, or otherwise – they’re bound to be impressed. Surprise your Libra with an occasional round of wake-up sex – or a juicy book of erotica. Feeling particularly adventurous? This is one sign who may be intrigued intellectually, as well as sexually, by a round of playful cross-dressing.

Scorpio – Playing naughty
Known to all as the sexual siren of the zodiac, Scorpio is unswervingly faithful, when in the right relationship – they expect love to be deep and penetrating. If you keep things on the kinky side, while simultaneously revealing your innermost emotions and philosophical thoughts, you’ll have this sign stung for good. How, you ask? This is a sign who will be into leather or latex – and lace, since feigning innocence will go just as far as playing naughty. Also, keep in mind that Scorpio loves a good fight – and expressing all that emotion will lead to a passionate session between the sheets!

Sagittarius – Exhibitionist tendencies
Adventure-loving Sagittarius has the need to roam, but not necessarily to play the field. Keeping them satisfied and committed is a matter of keeping them on their toes and playing into their need for excitement. Games go a long way with the archer, so consider pretending to be strangers who fall into the sack, or try a role-reversal on for size. Never underestimate the power of outdoor sex with Sag either, and remember this: while they may never say it (unlike Leo or perhaps even Scorpio) this is a sign who loves to be idolized. Translate that into the bedroom, and your Sag will feel special enough to stay the course.

Capricorn – Dark and dominant
Known for their serious attitudes, Capricorns may be upstanding hard workers, but they’ve got a dark side as well. Tap into that element of their nature and you’ll have the goat by the horns. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that a Capricorn will usually like giving – or maybe even receiving – a playful spanking. And if you’re willing to be submissive, they’ll be happy to dominate. Consider introducing sexy costumes behind closed doors (corsets, uniforms and masks are particular favorites), and never be afraid to seek pleasure in the heat of the moment – even if you have to achieve it yourself. While you may see Capricorn as all buttoned up, this is a sign who wants to abandon everything in the bedroom. If you give them that unbridled release, they may just be yours forever!

Aquarius – Achieving attachment
Water-bearers of both genders are perfectly capable of sex without attachment. For them, true commitment is a sign of a deeper intellectual connection. Keeping them around – and attached – can therefore be a daunting task. The trick is to be reliable in the relationship, yet unpredictable as a sexual being. Take this as license to openly explore all your own inconsistencies. Alternate between a week of quickies to a series of extended-foreplay sessions. Initiate phone sex while they’re at work (how’s that for bucking the system), or ask them to meet you out one night and pretend that you’re two attached people who have never met, but can’t resist each other. Be true to yourself, and you will earn Aquarian admiration.

Pisces – Offer the unexpected
Don’t mistake artistic sensitivity for vanilla tastes, or passive acceptance. With Pisces, it’s quite the contrary. Deep and often dark, this water sign is a thinker who is intrigued by what could be described as the “beautiful ugly.” Erotica, submission and androgyny may all be up your fish’s alley. To keep a Piscean swimming along happily, explore a good healthy mix of traditional romance – flowers, candy, candlelit dinners – and sexy deeds that work against convention. Expressions of love can be found in the most unexpected places for Pisces, and that means the ability to explore the depths together, as well as floating on the surface.

Aries – The aggressor
Intense Aries can be a lot to keep up with – and a lasting love with the Ram means not only keeping up, but getting ahead on occasion. The Ram wants to be admired as much as they want to be desired. To fan this fire sign’s flames for the long haul, you’ll have to do both and demand both in return. So be aggressive, knowing it will bring out the competitive streak in your Ram. Block off an afternoon for marathon sex, and ask if they’re up for the challenge. Initiate a round of roughhousing, then wrestle the Ram to the mattress and have your way with them. Make sex as physically demanding as possible, as often as you can, and you’ll keep a challenging Aries coming back for more and more.

Taurus – All natural
Erotic to the core, but easier to please than most, they are a pushover for an obvious seduction. Because the bull wants to settle down and be monogamous, they only need a little stroking to keep them committed. Implore flattery and pillow-talk, kiss them and cuddle. Let them know they’re safe, and a whole host of earthly delights will await. To spice things up Taurus-style, never underestimate the power of a sexy costume or an intimate striptease. But steer clear of body alteration in any way. Unwaxed bodies, natural curves and authentic expression are the way to keep this sign’s heart, mind and body all yours – for good.

Gemini – Mind games and more
As with most Air Signs, for Gemini erotic interaction begins in the brain. With these active thinkers, mind games will stoke the fires of desire over time. With that in mind, to keep the Twins on board you’ll want to master the art of the tease. Even something as simple as sexy calls and notes, getting dressed right in front of them as you get ready for work, or an erotic massage with lusty talk – all will work to keep them thinking about you, and sex. On a different note, while Gemini is the type to love a good session of dirty talk, nothing will drive them wilder than a partner who is great with their mouth!

Cancer – Sensitive but saucy
The zodiac’s caretaker, Cancer’s needs in a long-term pairing may surprise you. Caring and tender, Crabs are fans of old-fashioned romance, sure – but they have an unconventional side as well. So amidst the kissing and cuddling so often associated with the crab, a little bit of discipline – a sexy little scolding – and you will likely see a whole new side to your lover. Don’t mistake these sweet-natured, soulful types for innocents! Instead, allow Cancer full range to explore (and express) their inner deviant – and you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds as much as they do!

Leo – Old-school
Confident Leo may seem just the type to ravage you in bed, but the simplicity of their sexual tastes cannot be understated. This is not a sign that requires athletic moves, role playing or elaborate excess to find long-term sexual satisfaction. Nor are they the type to stray. Leo simply wants to adore you, and be adored in the process. Whatever gets you off will likely do it for them – so go for it. At a loss for specifics? Leo loves fresh scents, and may enjoy dancing or the occasional strip tease. A massage is never lost on the lion, and neither is deep kissing. They may even like to be begged for sex on occasion, or grant your every sexual wish to prove themselves so they can win your affection. Let Leo know you find them desirable, and they’ll do the same in return.

Virgo – Perfect precision
Ah, the sign of the Virgin… far from the innocent image that Virgo conjures, these sexual sirens consider pleasure to be an art form, and execute it with precision. To keep these complicated cool customers committed you’ll have to be actively engaged in the task. Indeed, Virgo has high expectations of their partners, and you’ll have to meet their exacting standards if you expect a relationship to flourish over time. Hygiene is of the utmost importance (which makes playing doctor an understandable fantasy), but the Virgin is equally interested in erotica, sexy lingerie and toys. The best description of Virgo’s ideal partner is a high-powered creative. So show some force – coupled with imagination – and the Virgin will be purely yours.

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