Take a Cue From The Guys

Men and women spend so much time trying to bridge the gap between their differences, they don’t take the time to figure what they can learn from those differences. Here are three things women can learn from men to make their lives happier and healthier.

Trust yourself
In the battle of the sexes, women are often considered the more sensitive, thoughtful gender. It’s a gift that allows us to be great friends, partners and mothers.

But that sensitivity can sometimes make women beholden to the opinions of others. Women tend to be more flattered by compliments and more hurt by criticisms.

Women are apt to take things personally – what they can learn from men is that not everything is personal. When someone tears you down (or puffs you up), they do it for their own reasons – so how can you really trust it? The person whose opinion should matter most is your own.

As women are able to detach from the opinions of others, they will be more like men in their ability to trust themselves to make decisions about their own lives.

Know your gifts
Men tend to recognize their own talents and feel more authority in their own opinions more than women. This isn’t because boys are born with some magical gene that gives them confidence – it’s because boys are raised in a male-dominated society.

But that doesn’t mean the damage is done. Women can still learn to be bold and confident with their gifts. Spend some time taking stock of yourself. Turn off the negative voice in your head and honestly evaluate your strengths and weakness.

Once you’ve got an idea of your “game,” learn to work it! Don’t waste your energy trying to mask your shortcomings. Be like a man, and focus on promoting your strengths.

Love your body
Men have insecurities about their bodies just like women. A man worries about the beer belly hanging over his jeans and the bald spot growing on the back of his head. But he probably doesn’t let it rule his thoughts.

The body image issues that plague so many women affect few men. That’s not to say men are less shallow then women – they just tend to be less aware of their bodies in general. Where unrealistic images of the female body are everywhere, the male form is rarely exposed. In everything from finding a date to finding a job, a woman’s looks are judged more harshly than a man’s appearance. So men have more freedom to separate their body anxieties from their daily lives.

While women may not be able to escape the media barrage of half-naked malnourished supermodels, they can still improve their relationships with their own bodies. Women can learn a great lesson from men – let go of your shortcomings and move on.

 Women can learn to love their bodies like men do by monitoring the flow of negative thoughts. Pay attention when a thought pops into your head – you may be surprised to hear all the bad things you tell yourself all day. Take a cue from men and let it go.

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