Beauty at Any Age

Beauty. It’s not age-specific, we’re beginning to understand, as we watch pretty women like actresses Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandan and Anjelica Huston grow more interesting and compellingly beautiful over time. We realize that beauty isn’t tied to youth when we are bowled over by the elegance of a gray-haired Dame Judi Dench – or Helen Mirren or Jamie Lee Curtis – on the red carpet.

There’s something about them that we can’t quite put our finger on that those cute young things vying for the camera’s attention,just can’t hold a candle to.

It’s these women and the big events that show them off to their best, that remind us that true beauty, as we all know and have been told, goes much deeper than following our culture’s trends regarding what’s beautiful now. It goes far beyond makeup tricks and good hair. It comes from belief, self-confidence, an inner glow, happiness – the state of your soul – and it changes and evolves as we go through the ages and stages of life.

Each decade brings its perks and challenges. In your twenties you have the luxury of taking more risks with your looks, while as you mature – though you may be losing the fresh face of your youth – you acquire the kind of spiritual beauty that shows on your face, in your words, in your movement… and in the way you express yourself.

Your 20s
There’s that line about beauty being wasted on the young. But it really isn’t if you appreciate all the things that come to you so naturally at this age. Great skin, shiny hair, an agile body… and a lifetime of potential to look forward too. But women at this age can lack the self-confidence to carry themselves as beautiful, because they’re just not feeling it – quite yet. They can still be vulnerable to what the press photographs as beautiful, so women in their twenties can be either over-concerned – or unsure of how they look in the eyes of the world.

As you’re figuring out which paths you’d like to take in your career or life, you may also have the luxury of taking some beauty risks to sort out your own sense of style until you find a look that makes you feel good and confident. It’s also the perfect time to begin cultivating good habits like wearing sunscreen and finding a way to work out your body that suits you – so you’re less likely to give it up over time.

Your 30s
Entering your thirties can be nothing short of liberating. Though you’ve been living in your body for years now, this is a time when you really come to terms with yourself in many ways, embracing things about yourself that maybe you struggled with before. You may be single, married, a parent – or not – but somehow at this age you feel a certain comfort in your beauty and no one can tell you different. You’ve found a sense of style that seems to work for your career and in your downtime, but you’re still open to change, and comfortable with new trends and ideas.

Your confidence is sexy, even though you may be juggling a career, marriage and a family. Many say it’s a stage in life that they’ve never felt more beautiful. Yes, you may begin to find that a bit more focus on daily maintenance is required as the years go by in this decade. Every women is different, but you may need to be more diligent about skincare (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!) and invest time in stress relief for a bigger payoff even later in life.

Your 40s
“Fabulous and 40” are the buzz words, and the expectation that women in their fifth decade feel inclined to live up to. Sure you may have days when you look tired, and a few creeping lines or gray hairs may be showing up – but most likely at this point you’re the one who’s noticing it the most. It’s actually not all that difficult to be great-looking at this age, as long as your mindset is there. Just pick a few beauty battles and focus on them. The upside is that you’re probably feeling fulfilled on many levels. You may be at a high point in your career, and in your relationship and finances. Hopefully, you’re feeling as appreciated and valued (and as hot!), as all of the commercials suggest. Women in their forties say there’s a sexual, sensual confidence that you just have to wait to be 40 to feel. It puts a glow on your face and a lift in your step – so don’t miss out. It’s beautiful.

Your 50s and 60s
Okay, so maybe you don’t have as much control over the changes that seem to be transforming your face, your body, your sense of self – maybe even more than you’d like. But these changes are a fact of life. Perhaps you’re not the head-turning young beauty you once were, but with the energy and spirit that come with good health, exercise, staying in step with the times style-wise… combined with the wisdom and experience and strength you’ve garnered over your lifetime, beauty is at its best in a woman’s fifties and sixties. Careerwise and soulfully, most women hit a new high at this time. Statistics also show that this is a time when they have the greatest income. So, enjoy!

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