Happy in Body, Happy in Mind

I just wasted over 10 years of my life being out of shape. I think the last time I worked out was in my mid to late 20s and I always had a really good reason to not go back to it. I felt that the stories about your metabolism slowing down when you got older were just scare tactics from the “health nuts with an agenda.” Then I turned 30 and yes, my metabolism slowed down. But there still wasn’t a whole lot of reason to be worried. I gained weight fast, but I lost it equally as fast, most of the time. Plus, I worked out my brain! I read tons of books, learned about different philosophies, sciences and studies — I started having an actual career vs. just a job and soon, I no longer paid any attention to my body at all. On top of it, I started smoking.

I turned 40 and noticed that I had gained more weight than I cared to acknowledge. My metabolism had slowed down to a crawl! There was no denying it anymore — I was devastated to notice  I needed to buy clothes in a size 14. I always had my personal “maximum density” rule, and was horrified when I saw my wedding pictures. My face, the one thing I had always liked, looked bloated and fat. So did my arms. I didn’t feel all that great either — I had no energy, I was often annoyed for no apparent reason, my shoulders and neck started bugging me, and so did my back and hips. I felt completely unattractive.

My entire life I had decided that my body was just a stupid vessel I hated, and therefore deserved the least amount of attention. When I hit 40 and finally found my happiness I was done with these idiotic thoughts. I made a decision to be healthy and to look good. I started hypnosis for weight loss and signed up with a personal trainer. I started working out and followed his instructions to a T. Whatever he said, I did. I didn’t fight him, I didn’t argue, whine or complain — I just did it. This was incredibly hard. After 3 1/2 months of hard training I had lost about 15 pounds and two sizes but what amazed me is how I felt in my head!

I have learned that in order to be the best I can be, my body needs to be in shape. I have learned that physical health also equals mental and emotional health. The mind is truly a powerful thing and I know my mind shapes my body — whatever I conjure up in my mind somehow gets matched by reality. I have an active image that I hold in my mind while training and find that my body works hard to match this image. I never believed that a great body is required to be successful. I was wrong! It requires physical health and well-being to achieve balance for the full package. When I am done with my work out, I feel euphoric, happy, content and bubbly. Working out and slowly crawling towards a healthy body has added so much to my spirits that I finally understand, there is no way to be truly powerful, if we keep telling ourselves, “I can’t”.

I am proud of myself because I am finally taking care of business. I am doing the work and there is a lot of power in knowing that. I regret that I wasted my 30’s sitting on my butt, making excuses, but I started doing something about it now and that’s what counts!

5 thoughts on “Happy in Body, Happy in Mind

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  2. Carmen

    You know, it’s not even about “skinny.” BTW, I think Kate Moss is full of it 😉

    What keeps me going are the endorphines! I feel euphoric when I am done and it helps shaping not just my body, but my reality. As a light worker, I often tend to focus on my spirit and ignore the body. Kabbalah taught me a little bit about the importance of mind, body, spirit, heart and will. There is a reason that the pentagram has five stars and it’s literally about the balance between all elements.

    THAT is the hardest lesson yet to learn!

  3. Abigailx9570

    Excellent article and very empowering. Being a hypnotherapist myself I have seen the wonderful changes in peoples lives when they give themselves psermission to change their minds and lives. Have a blessed lovely weekend

    Many Blessings

  4. misskrystal

    Carmen-Oh do I enjoy reading your articles. Thanks so much. I am so glad I read this. having planets in libra, leo and taurus, I love food and I love to cook. But a balance is for sure needed-still working on that. I am still trying to stop the, “Yo-Yo”……..I found this very inspirational…
    Thanks again,
    Miss Krystal

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Great article…..
    ….a famous model once stated that ” nothing tastes as good as “skinny” feels “!!!!!!!

    We can’t all look like models, but being pleased with the way we look, has a direct impact on the way we feel. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and well-being…..and it is, in the end, ALL about mind,body,& spirit in harmony.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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