Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 2 – 8

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 2 - 8

The Power of Tarot

This week begins with the Celtic tree month of the vine, and on Thursday, Saturn goes direct—just in time for back-to-school and work. We will focus on the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. They refer to this deck as the “self-esteem deck.” Its main intention is to give your self-confidence a boost. And with that, let’s jump into your weekly tarot reading!

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Day (Seven of Spring): It’s healthy and normal to stand up for yourself, so don’t allow others to talk you out of your beliefs or opinions at this time. Your thoughts and feelings about what is the right thing to do are exactly spot on! Don’t allow people in power to intimidate you either. Assert your rights! Sign petitions, call your local government or attend rallies to demonstrate that there’s strength in numbers. Additional Meaning: Take self-protection or assertiveness classes.

Evening (Ace of Autumn): Wonderful news! A windfall of unexpected resources arrives to help you pursue your dreams! The fairies are trustworthy manifesters, and they’ve brought you a gift. This may be financial abundance such as money, or it could be wise counsel. Either way, use your resources wisely. Make a plan for how you can best utilize them too. It’s also a good time to think about long-term investments. Additional Meaning: Invest in real estate.


Day (#19 – The Sun): Today, great success is yours with more to come! Therefore, turn your face to the sun, open your arms, and embrace the blessings that now flow directly to you from Heaven. You can expect the dawning of brilliant ideas that will lead to wonderful opportunities. You’re a beautiful, shining child of God. You’re unique in the universe too, and the world needs you to be exactly who you are. Additional Meanings: Success. Fulfillment. Public recognition.

Evening (#10 – The Wheel): Tonight, the delays are over and it’s time to get moving again! The fairies are setting the stage for a magical time that will allow you to make some hoped-for changes. Your sudden movement forward may bring with it the need to do a little more research too. Just surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you on and who will applaud your success. Additional Meanings: A new car or travel. New doors opening.


Day ( #9 – The Hermit): You are never alone! Even when it appears that way, you are actually surrounded by God, the angels, and the fairies who want to help you. You can ask them for assistance at any time. It’s important to always shine your light so that other people can follow in your footsteps. In this way, you are a beacon of inspiration for them. It may also be time for you to begin teaching or acting as a mentor for those in need of direction. Additional Meaning: Search for enlightenment.

Evening (#14 – Balance): Tonight is the time to be open to compromise and cooperation with others. That’s because the perfect resolution is one in which each person’s input is taken into consideration and blended into a win-win situation everyone can feel good about. It’s also time to pause, take a few deep breaths, or even go for a quiet walk with the fairies in nature. Ask them to remove any anxieties you have, so that you can return to a place of peace. Additional Meaning: Take your time and don’t rush.


Day (#20 – Renewal): Today, it’s time for a review! Therefore, take note of what you have learned in life so far. Where do you want to go next? You’re in a moment when you can certainly reinvent yourself and build the future you want. Just pay special attention to flashes of inspiration and original, creative ideas. These epiphanies are part of your life purpose and are meant to guide you on your way to joy. Additional Meanings: See things in a whole new light. A milestone.

Evening (Nine of Winter): This card comes to you when worry has reached an unnecessary level. You may have concerns and plans you need to process, but your fear isn’t in proportion to the circumstances. Therefore, take a few moments to go for a walk in nature, talk to God and the angels, and things will be better soon! Breathe. With success oftentimes comes stress. However, if you let it build up it can take a physical and emotional toll. Nurture yourself! Additional Meaning: You’re focusing on worst-case scenarios.


Day (Ten of Winter): It’s time to walk, or perhaps run, away. That’s because the situation no longer serves you and is merely holding you back. Sometimes, endings are sad, and sometimes, they are a relief. Change can be stressful and intimidating, but trust that this is a healthy and necessary one. Set new goals for yourself too and make this a fresh beginning! Focus on the future, not on the past. Additional Meanings: A weight has been lifted off your shoulders. An emotional overreaction.

Evening (Queen of Summer): The Queen of Summer is beautiful and serene. You enter her presence and a sense of calm envelops you. She radiates love and peace too. This queen also knows what you’re thinking! She appears this evening as a female in your life or an aspect of yourself. This queen also has a deep love for friends and family and will be there for you. In fact, she’s pretty much there for everyone. Additional Meaning: Protect those who need assistance.


Day (#2 – The High Priestess): The High Priestess comes to assure you that your spiritual gifts are real and your intuitive insights are accurate. She wants you to know that nothing in spirituality is a secret anymore. Therefore, try spending time in meditation or going on long, reflective walks in nature. Ask yourself, what is it I truly want? Am I following my own path or just trying to make others happy? Additional Meanings: Making plans before taking action. Important nighttime dreams.

Evening (Three of Summer): When the universe plays beautiful music, dance! When life presents you with joyful news, celebrate! Experiencing gratitude for what Heaven has gifted you with naturally brings more happiness, and therefore more to be thankful for. Remember to tell those around you how much they mean to you. Spend time with family and friends who are dear to you too. Your words will be warmly embraced, and your true intentions will be honored. Additional Meaning: Becoming part of a close-knit community or “chosen” family.


Day (#11- Strength): The Golden Rule asks us to treat others as we would like to be treated. When you show kindness and respect to those around you, they are drawn to you as a pillar of strength. Having the courage of your convictions will get you through any challenge. You are a very sensitive and caring soul. This is a strength, not a weakness! Therefore, don’t be afraid to show your empathy for others, while also standing up for yourself should you need to say no. Additional Meaning: Overcome challenges through grace and willpower.

Evening (Prince of Spring): This prince is the proverbial “knight in shining armor” and he’s here to help you in whatever way he’s needed! There’s no task too big, and no detail too small, that he won’t rush in and take charge of it. This prince is charming and courageous, confident and busy too. That’s because he wants to see everything, do everything, and experience everything! It’s hard for him to really relax and kick back when there’s just so much to accomplish out there in the world! Additional Meanings: Handling many things at once. A desire for adventure.

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  1. Donna Divine

    Loved it spot on especially the part about soneone trying to convince me otherwise of what my intution is leading me to believe..i know im right and the truth will be revealed!! And i will be so proud i stuck with my own way of thinking instead of others words influencing my thoughts so further need for approval..i have a gift thats enhancing becoming stronger & growing everyday im trying to better understand and gain control of it. The thoughts i have have a powerful effect on my life and those around me..because they come to life..& i always knew my empathy was a strength but hate how people take advantage of your vulnerabilities which made me change my perspective to see it as a weakness instead ..thank you


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