Your Mantras for Meditation: September 1 – 7

Your Mantras for Meditation: September 1 - 7

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras for meditation are about letting go of some people who may have become more burden than blessing. After a deep meditation, my guides pointed out that several of my readers are going to face letting go of children or other loved ones this week. These mantras for meditation will also apply to those of you who must let go of romantic ties or professional connections.

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Sometimes we don’t want to let go of something familiar for fear of an unknown future. There are moments when we might even think it’s better to settle for something that makes us miserable than to embrace the uncertainty ahead. However, if you find yourself feeling lost and unstable in your current direction, remember those days before the familiarity. Everything in your life, regardless of how long it has been on your journey, began as uncertainty. And with that, here are you mantras for meditation!

September 1
“I will prepare for my best future by creating my very best present.”

This is the first day of an amazing month and a wonderful week! Look to the horizon and steer away from the rocks. You certainly have all the tools you need to create the future you desire.

September 2
“I may encounter defeats, but I am not defeated.”

It’s only when you stop that you’re conquered, according to your mantras for meditation. Your eyes are in the front of your head because you are geared to only go in one direction: forward!

September 3
“I will not allow the fears in my head dictate my day. Instead, I’ll listen and follow my heart.”

Life is a great deal like driving in the rain. Wherever your eyes focus is the direction you’ll find yourself going. Whatever you fear, you will face. If you want to live a courageous and empowered life, do not let your fears direct your path. Your heart knows the path to peace. Therefore, you should follow it.

September 4
“My life is not the result of losses. It’s the result of fortitude and determination.”

When you assess your life’s journey to date, you’ll see stunning hits and awesome heights. You’ll see moments when you lift another person to their feet while they’re lost and broken. You’ll see the moments when others took your hand and showed you the path out of darkness. Your life is a work of art and you have love and give love in return.

September 5
“I can create anything in my life with courage and creativity.”

This is a perfect day to look at a project and make it a reality. You are far more creative than you might realize. Regardless of what you’re creating, it’s certainly a great day to consider what you need in order to create with your two hands.

September 6
“I will make my life about more stories to tell and less stuff to show.”

This day has special significance for me and I know it will for you, too! Plan an adventure this weekend. Now that Labor Day is finished, tourists have filed back to their homes and it’s time for you to explore some areas around you. Plan on seeing your hometown like a tourist this weekend. Find one or two things that fascinate tourists and go explore it yourself. There is a museum or activity near you that is calling for your involvement. Do some homework and find a great activity!

September  7
“For every minute I’m angry and unforgiving, I lose 60 seconds of happiness. I choose happiness!”

As we wrap up this week, your mantras for meditation say you can look forward to a wonderful weekend. If someone has harmed you this week, let it go. It’s only poisoning your spare time and the person who hurt you is, most likely, long past the transgression. Your heart is certainly too beautiful to allow the callousness of others to impact your grace. Allow this to be a time of love and exploration—the two most important ingredients for a grand adventure! One day your life will flash in front of your eyes. Make sure it’s a show worth watching.

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