Your Weekly Tarot Reading: June 17 – 23

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: June 17 - 23

The Power of Tarot

This week begins with Father’s Day and we enter summer with the solstice on Thursday. We will use the Thoth Tarot as interpreted by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig. It’s a big week as quite a few Major Arcana cards came up. So let’s get started! Here is your weekly tarot reading.

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Day (The Hierophant): Even in you, there lies a priest and you are responsible for your faith, according to your weekly tarot reading. You have something to say and you’ll share with others. That’s because you carry a unique treasure of experiences and knowledge from which others can benefit. Love: Let others in on your plans and intentions, and remain open to what they have to say to you. Happiness: The Temple of Welcome is everywhere. Therefore, reciprocal learning and teaching take place everywhere. As a result, feel free to confront authority figures without arrogance. Success: The key to success is your own competence. You can be a guide and model for others too.

Evening (The Chariot): The Chariot says you may venture into something. However, one has to encounter, experience, and dare to do something and the mysteries of today prepare the way for tomorrow. Just take the Way of Desires to find your way. Love: Accept yourself and your neighbor with all your strengths and weaknesses—even with all the imperfections and enigmas. Happiness: The Way of Desires is the way of fulfilling meaningful wishes and the abolition of unjustified fears. This is the best way to happiness! Success: The key to success is to be strong and fair in dealing with yourself and others too.


Day (The Magus): Look around you. Your weekly tarot reading says these magic tools are offered to you: Chalice, Pentacle, Coin, Torch, and Sword. Their appearance means that there are new opportunities in the air. What can you do? What do you lack and what would you like to try? Love: If you are in love, feel the magic that lives in you. And if you fall in love, the magic in you will only need to awaken again. Happiness: You are a very special person! Don’t worry; no one can take away your opportunities. They are offered to you alone. Success: Don’t make a fool of yourself. The key to success lies in the presence of mind and personal presence too!

Evening (Seven of Wands): You can achieve more when you stop wearing yourself out. This works like magic and it’s wonderful! Love: You overcome discouragement and bigotry and don’t rely on dramatic decisions or acts of defiance either. Happiness: You respond to particular challenges with mindfulness and increased presence—not with stress or tension. Success: Don’t let yourself be provoked and don’t provoke others! Instead, find a position that emphasizes your individualism and that also allows you to retain your power over the long term.


Day (Ten of Wands): Great tasks and great solutions. Apply all energies! These should not, insofar as possible, block each other and should not run side by side without contact. Each person and each situation has its own logic, its own law, and in a sense, its own will too. Love: Commit all your energies. Let “a hundred flowers bloom.” Happiness: Make sure not to block your energy! Take a break if you’ve overexerted yourself. Success: Don’t give up until you have actually exhausted your significant options.

Evening (The Fool): As The Fool, you are close to the origins, according to your weekly tarot reading. That may sound enticing, but it is also a card of naivete, and the zero also warns of a life according to the motto, “A waste of time and effort.” Love: Two “fools” who love each other are also two “zeros” which combine to form a figure eight that is the sign of infinity. Happiness: The fulfillment of essential needs and the resolution of important fears makes you happy in the best sense. Success: Simply organize your life and be in the right place at the right time.


Day (Adjustment): Vague and extravagant thoughts and feelings. Become the conductor of many different, simultaneous energies, powers, and duties. Be present as a whole person in the moment! Love: Don’t hide your feelings behind rationality! Instead, present your convictions, courteously and consistently! Happiness: It’s better to do research on how to make use of existing strengths than to pay attention to how existing weaknesses can best be criticized. Success: To achieve something means to view it as one’s own.

Evening (The Emperor): Tonight, you have the power, and that’s not bad, according to your weekly tarot reading. The Emperor is the power in all of us that explores new possibilities in life. Therefore, you’re the master of your actions. Love: Even in love you need power—the capacity to actually achieve something. It’s a question of your willingness to engage yourself and focus your energy too. Happiness: “In each of us there is a king. Talk to him, and he will come forth” (Scandinavian proverb). Success: The key to success is a pioneering spirit. You can do it, so take heart.

Thursday (Summer Solstice)

Day (Eight of Swords): Congratulations! You certainly know how to plan your route. You summarize all the arguments, draw the necessary conclusions, and get the ball rolling. “There are thoughts that you cannot understand without changing your life” (Werner Sprenger). Love: Let go of obligations that hold you back, and be consistent with yourself and others! Happiness: You’ll realize that you have many skills but don’t let “threshold anxiety” stop you. Success: If your thoughts and actions mutually network and bind, you’ll certainly make remarkable progress.

Evening (The Tower): Your weekly tarot reading encourages you to be more direct. You will protect and guard yourself better against violent and loveless impositions the more consciously and courageously you deal with strong energies. Love: As an experiment, risk being more open and honest. Happiness: Great energy is released when you push forward with what you really want. Success: The key to success is to learn to “ride the tiger.” Something absolute will step into your life. Are you ready for it?


Day (The Sun): You will find your place in the sun where you can develop all your essential assets; where you can say wholeheartedly, “It’s all good.” Love: Continue to grow with life, that is, to live more consciously, experience consciously, and age happily too. Go out in the sun. Happiness: The happiness of a new beginning, of devotion to life, is the knowledge of your place and your way. Success: “Love God and do what you like” (St. Augustine).

Evening (Two of Swords): With the power of Spirit, you determine your judgment and support your decision. Certain feelings and needs are now waiting for clarification and call for a decision to be made. Love: The more clearly you know how to distinguish between fantasy and reality, the easier you will find peace. Happiness: Ambivalence, ambiguity, and inconsistency are all part of life. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by the abundance of different experiences. Success: Bring your imagination into play, and success will certainly be on your side. There is no absolute right or wrong, but rather what is right for you now.


Day (The Devil): Today you may see into Hell and encounter the Devil, according to your weekly tarot reading. But beware, preconceptions can be false judgments. A spontaneous feeling is often overwhelmed by this card. However, don’t allow yourself to be demonized, and don’t make another into a scapegoat. Love: Test, confirm, and love. Resist intimidation. Give the unknown a space. It’s important to recognize chaotic feelings and events! Happiness: Senseless taboos can now be abolished. Have courage; you may break out of the old chains that hold you. Success: The key to success is to become free of prejudices. Therefore, take the courage to redefine talents and taboos. Bring light into dark, and you will certainly find new treasures.

Evening (Four of Swords): Tonight brings a magical moment of realization. This card stands for rest, concentration, recollection, and maturation, and it’s time to exhale. Important events may be ahead of you. It’s like a musician or an athlete who has already done an exercise a hundred times but must concentrate and prepare each time. Love: Don’t become a victim of lifeless ideals because you will feel light and lively with a good conscience. Happiness: Contemplation, reflection, and meditation are important for your happiness. Getting space from the hustle and bustle allows your inner knowledge to emerge. Success: The more you use your mental capacity, the stronger it is. Only a dead spirit wears out. You’re certainly able to keep a clear head even in high-pressure situations.

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