Mantras for Meditation: June 16 – 22

Mantras for Meditation: June 16 - 22

The Power of Mantras

Hello, dear readers! Here we are in the week that officially welcomes summer. So many things are moving and evolving that it may seem difficult to keep up with the changes! This week will not only herald the arrival of the summer solstice as the longest day of the year, it’s also a great time to make sure you take some time to focus on YOU. That is the focus of this week’s mantras for meditation: how to make sure you don’t neglect your personal metamorphosis while keeping your summer days entertaining and exciting.

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You may find yourself feeling somewhat jealous or envious of someone this week. In fact, the week opens with a warning about ego. This week’s inspirations come from a grounded meditation I performed while out in the woods that surround my home. It was one of the deepest and most eye-opening meditations I have received in quite a while.

As I walked through the yellow wildflowers in the meadow, I was drawn to sit beside the brook that runs through the center of the land. The only sounds were the babbling water and the birds. Nature has a letter for you today and She made certain that I would not miss one bit of Her message. With the aid of my guides and the generations of psychics which comprise my being, a wonderful missive was offered. I hope it will help you in dealing with the week ahead.

June 16
“Today I will focus on MY happiness. I know my worth and I will embrace it.”

Have you ever wondered what your life would be if you exchanged the need to be perceived as correct and simply let go? What do you think would happen? This is a day when you may find yourself thinking about an event or person who has succeeded where you may not have experienced such good fortune. You may think about an ex who has moved on and appears to be happy each time you check their social media. Your mantras for meditation say you may also look back at a job you had that treated you unfairly when you know you were right.

It’s time to release this kind of energy! You have a future of YOUR own making. If it’s a relationship that haunts you, remember that not everything is as it seems. What goes on behind closed doors may be completely different than what is projected. If it’s a job that has disappointed you, investigate your heart and examine why you feel the way you do. A slight from an ex or a past job is certainly not important enough to steal your day.

June 17
“I can never fail at being myself and that is enough today.”

This may be one of the best days of this week for you! You may notice a lighter feeling in your mood today and it’s because of the wonderful progress you’re making in your life. As you move closer to your Destiny, you will notice your focus is shifting away from what you perceive as other people’s opinion of you. Your confidence is certainly starting to build today!

June 18
“Today I will not allow my projected fears to steal a single moment of my life.”

Your mantras for meditation say you may find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed today. There could be a series of “minor” events that begin to weight you down by day’s end too. However, it’s important to remember that, when given the task of eating an entire elephant, it’s always best to focus on one bite at a time!

June 19
“Today I am willing and capable of receiving love in all its aspects.”

What an exciting day! You could meet a wonderful person who wants to get to know you better. This person may be wanting to offer support for your project or it could be someone with whom you share a common bond. Either way, this could certainly be a day that brings you a new and delightful friend.

June 20
“Today I will receive joy!”

Happy Hump Day! Your mantras for meditation say this is going to be a day filled with the buzz of new energies coming into your life. This is a day that’s showing you what you’ve been seeking and also how it can manifest in some unexpected directions.

June 21

“If someone doesn’t value me as I am, it’s no negative reflection on me. It’s simply the wrong size shoe on the right size foot.”
Welcome, summer! As of 3:07 am (Pacific Time), the longest day of the year arrives. It’s pushing the darkness away in every way imaginable and many changes that you’ve been desiring are starting to become much clearer too. You can also begin to see the small miracles that have brought you to where you stand today. There may be a connection that you had longed to live through again, but today you may see that desire in a different light.

June 22
“Today I will see the roses and not the thorns. I will create the world I desire most.”

As we close the week, you may find yourself needing to “catch your breath,” according to your mantras for meditation. There have certainly been wonderful revelations given to you and you may find yourself processing them in a way that will keep them in your heart for many years to come. May this be a wonderful and memorable week!

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  1. Malena

    I have many questions regarding job, career marriage and true love. What I am supposed to do with my live and with who I am ment to spend the rest of my life with. If you can help please email me back.
    Thank you

  2. Malena Koontz

    I have many questions regarding job, career marriage and true love. What I am supposed to do with my live and with who I am ment to spend the rest of my life with. If you can help please email me back.
    Thank you


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