Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 4 – 10

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 4 - 10

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This weekly tarot reading explores the beautiful Sun and Moon Tarot cards designed by Brussels artist Vanessa Decort. This deck incorporates universal archetypes and symbols from many cultures. So let’s enter the Sun and Moon Tarot!

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Day ( #VI: The Lovers): The Lovers link with Gemini, arts, and crafts, and represent relationships that are important for personal growth and development. The couple represents faithfulness and yin-yang duality. The children bring frankness, curiosity, and playfulness, and Cupid blesses them. An open arch means unlimited potential and unrestrained feelings. The wand is fire. The sword is air and ideas and the cup is water. A flower is earth. The alchemical egg with the snake symbolizes the transformative power of relationships, while the lion represents creativity and vitality. He’s a fire sign of spirituality. The eagle represents allegiance and priority. This is a perfect card to start the week, and we’ll see these symbols in the days to come.

Evening (King of Pentacles): Fire of earth. This King can represent a doctor or a healer. He also represents abundance, prosperity, and confidence. The card signifies enjoying success and the loyalty of other people. Karma, financial ideas, and partnership. The King’s shield indicates unity and harmony.


Day (XX: The Aeon–Judgment): This card is linked with Pluto, so it indicates an intense day of change. Common sense, the ability to understand, and forgiveness connect to this card. Different points of view have brought forth a new consciousness that spreads its influence. This card also heralds improvement, completion, motivation, and inspiration. With her trumpet, the angel calls for a new way of life. And when we follow this call, everything changes and consciousness is awakened too.

Evening (XIII: Death–Rebirth): The intensity of the day continues into the evening. This card is linked to Scorpio and is associated with letting go, release, and detachment too. It means it’s time to let go of what’s no longer useful. The death is of the old self so release the ego to become who you are meant to be. It indicates change, renewal or a passage too. The phoenix, reborn from its own ashes, is also a symbol here.


Day (Eight of Swords; Interference): This card is attributed to Jupiter in Gemini. It represents respect for intellectual endeavors too. Today, there are more possibilities than you realize. This card can also represent a doubtful mind, which may be overly analytical. There may also be issues of obstruction, stagnation, and hesitation. Also, beware of unreliable or misleading information.

Evening (Six of Cups; Pleasure): Ms. Decort attributes this card to the Sun in Scorpio. It is interesting, as Tuesday is the day of Mars, and (in my book), Mars is currently transiting Scorpio. There are two people splashing water at each other, which is pure joy. The lotus flowers show spiritual abundance. Children innocently playing indicate emotional healing and childhood memories too.


Day (Ten of Pentacles; Wealth): This card is linked to Mercury in Virgo. It represents wealth and security at all levels too. Therefore, today is a good day to appreciate all you have. The tree of life, with its 10 branches indicates capacity, abundance, healing, and also prosperity.

Evening (Four of Pentacles; Power): This card represents the Sun in Capricorn, which, in the Sidereal system, it actually is. It’s about determination and strength too. There is a sandcastle, and the four towers set limitations and boundaries. Therefore, it’s a night to be aware of your tendency towards greed. It’s also a good night to be practical in your dealings and to take action when necessary.


Day (Prince of Swords): The element of Air. Today is certainly a good day for creative and intuitive thinking. It’s also a good time to reach a resolution. The symbol is a chariot led by an eagle which forward movement too. Today, you may have an unexpected breakthrough.

Evening (King of Swords): This King is the fire of water. He’s also a passionate and brilliant thinker. This is a good night for rational judgment and idealism. The sword points the way toward lofty goals. The white horse represents mental strength. The three birds signify intelligence, emotions, and actions as well.


Day (Two of Swords; Peace): This card represents the Moon in Libra (where Jupiter still resides). As a result, it’s a good day to relax, recharge your batteries, and take time to meditate. It’s also a good time to go within, take some time for silence, and honor your soul’s need for inner balance. Feeling indecisive? Make a balanced choice to find the answer within.

Evening (Two of Cups; Love): Venus is in Cancer. It’s a good night for a date, for a new relationship or to make a declaration of love. In this card, we see a green sea, which symbolizes that someone cherishes you, and there is reciprocation in love. The lotus’ reflection in the water means that the love is spiritual in nature.


Day (King of Wands): This is a fiery day, and this King is the Fire King, according to your weekly tarot reading. He represents change and vitality. The King has a strong will and believes in his own power. He is also a born leader. This is certainly a good day for spiritual growth and development. The unicorn depicted represents vision and inspiration. Then the torch burns away all obstacles.

Evening (#11; Strength): This card is linked with Leo. It’s also associated with the power of insight, enthusiasm, passion, and brilliance. When you let go of control, you can discover your inner strength and overcome your fears. Work with gentle persuasion, calm, and purpose to face problems. Strength means having faith in your own capacity and being honest too, without putting on a mask. The wolf with a moon signifies creativity, and the strength to overcome any obstacle to creativity. The snake symbolizes male energy and transformation too. A flower symbolizes female energy, doing as your heart tells you, and the earth element.

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