Mantras for Meditation: February 3 – 9

Mantras for Meditation: February 3 - 9

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers movement, old wounds, romance, baby steps, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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February 3 (Create a Vacuum): “I will free myself and allow the Universe to give me what I need.”

Nature abhors a vacuum, and something better can come forward if you are free to accept it. However, you need to be fearless in walking away from what is hurting you. Opening up to the Divine brings new opportunities to you which gives you the joie de vivre that your guardian angel will grant you.

February 4 (Manifest Your Feelings): “I will express my feelings.”

Write your feelings down in a journal, or talk out loud to a good friend or to your guardian angels, but let your feelings out. When you either write down or talk out loud about your feelings, you are manifesting them, therefore, letting them become real and not just thoughts in your head and heart. Making your emotions real brings about changes. Again, either speak them out loud or put them to paper, but let them out of your soul.

February 5 (Movement Brings Change): “I will grant new energy to come to me through my judgments and movements.”

Your mantras for meditation say that movement can be draining. However, it makes way for refreshed energy. If you are feeling stuck at work, or at home, it is time to move. The Universe only allows us to feel as if we are stuck when there is a need for change. Yes, the Divine will permit you to get in a rut so that you will work in unison with the Universe to co-create the change you want to see in your life. If you feel like your energy is low, put on your favorite song and just move. It will raise your spirit up to where happiness will flow back in to fill the void.

February 6 (Romance is in the Air): “I will show passion to the one that I love.”

You need to express love before it will come to you. Romance is a two-way street. One of my favorite quotes from a movie is, “It’s an island, babe. If you didn’t bring romance with you, you won’t find it here.” When you show romance and passion to the one that you feel a special connection with, they will certainly mirror it back to you.

February 7 (Baby Steps): “I take small steps towards my desired outcome.”

Taking smaller steps doesn’t slow your progress down. It does, however, keep you from having to backtrack and repair things that didn’t hold up to the weight of your dreams. Therefore, take baby steps on your path and fruition will come more smoothly for you. It will be more than you dreamed it would be too.

February 8 (Release Old Wounds): “I exhale hurts that slow me down in finding love.”

Take a deep breath and as you exhale, release any and all old hurts that you associate with love. Some of this may come from your childhood and the home in which you grew up. And they need to be let go of so that you can move forward on your way to finding and being love. Yes, you need to be love also, so that you are in the flow of that vibration.

February 9 (Pause): “Stand still in your heart and your mind, and listen to your inner voice.”

Your mantras for meditation remind you that taking a momentary pause could be what you need at this present time. You can stand back and look at that which is before you. Take a minute to catch your breath and think for a second. This gives you a chance to see the big picture. Take stock of what you feel and think. Is this real or a facade?

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