Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 1 – 7

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 1 - 7

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This is going to be a fabulous week—April Fool’s! Okay, the truth is this week won’t be fabulous, but it will be a fabulous time to get a reading with a Tarot Card Psychic just like me! In the meantime, I’ll be pulling from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman. Ms. Hartman is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher whose motto is “enlightenment made simple.” So let’s grab some chocolate eggs and hop into the first weekly tarot reading of April!

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Day (Victim/Green Acorn): “I am not a victim! I choose to do what I am doing!” To grow into a tree, a planted acorn must be fully brown. However, a green acorn is an indication that you may need grounding and a more solid plan to achieve what you truly desire too. Inspiration: The green acorn indicates that being in denial may be holding you back. Personal Inquiry: How are my actions connected to my inability to create breakthroughs? Key Ideas: feeling blocked, blaming others, and past resentment.

Evening (Quest): “When I am somewhere else my life will have meaning.” Tonight, combine the blue of communication with the darkness of the unknown to get to the truth. There is bravery here and an ability to face the truth head-on. Inspiration: You may be on a quest that is unnecessary, however, you should allow yourself the space for self-discovery. Personal Inquiry: Where in my life do I need to “walk my talk”? Key Ideas: being open to wisdom and imagined dangers.


Day (Creation): “I will guide you to your muse.” Letting go of old ideas and allowing new growth is primary now. Also, the mission you have been on may be complete. The message is, “Let go. You no longer need to be the warrior.” Inspiration: Your path is an artistic one, so express your love in a tangible art form. It is certainly time to make decisions. Personal Inquiry: Am I waiting for someone’s permission to create my life? Key Ideas: opening to magic, lasting transformation, the divine feminine, and awakening creativity.

Evening (Reject): “They won’t use me.” You no longer need to prove yourself. This is about understanding who you are and what you have created too. Therefore, choose wisely. Inspiration: Be true to yourself and you will not be unhappy. Rejection is Spirit’s protection. Personal Inquiry: Am I working with or against my environment? What is the purpose of my present solitude? Key Ideas: others’ approval, unsupportive environment, and working alone.


Day (Gratitude): “I am so glad you are in my life.” You are capable of more than mere mortal conversation. This is a time of enlightened communication and you will certainly raise the consciousness of others. You are stepping into self-mastery too. Inspiration: Gratitude raises your vibration to a higher level. There is no mystery to being a good person because good people just do good things. Personal Inquiry: Who is the person I admire most? Why? How can I live at that level? Key Ideas: friendship, deep love, and nurturing.

Evening (Forgiveness): “We never forgive others; only ourselves for having judged them.” Amethyst protects us from toxic situations. This card indicates healing and allowing yourself to return to the natural state of peace once again. Inspiration: Rhonda’s true essence lies in not harboring resentment. She also transcends forgiveness as her focus is on her intention and not on her pain. Personal Inquiry: Can I forgive myself for loving people who hurt me? Key Ideas: wishes fulfilled and holding onto dreams.


Day (Destiny): “Together, we are stronger than alone.” Black is the shade that demands to be taken seriously. Unlike black, white is isolated. Together they balance and create. You will also be guided by angels toward what is best for you and all concerned. Inspiration: Take a risk. Dare to have your life the way you want it. Are you willing to make sacrifices to have what you desire too? Personal Inquiry: What tools do I need to form my own destiny? Key Ideas: true love, taking a stand, and radical thinking.

Evening (Grief): “Grief is love without a place to go.” This card heralds a deep caring and an ability to heal and love again, however deep the pain or hard the challenges you face. Inspiration: What we reveal, we can heal. Give yourself time; you will certainly love again. If you honor your pain, it will change your life. Personal Inquiry: Is lingering grief preventing me from progress? Key Ideas: feeling grief, the healing process, and missing someone/something.


Day (Workaholic): “While I worked, my life happened.” Here, the earthy brown of creation mixes with inspirational violet! This card indicates one of the most powerful manifesting energies. Now you are very prolific, however, you need to know your limits. Inspiration: Are you waiting to complete your career before you live your life? Personal Inquiry: Am I working too much and suffering from burnout? Key Ideas: feelings of inadequacy, transformation indicated, and not being fulfilled by work.

Evening (Despondence): “By taking action, I found the road out.” You have all the answers you need within. This card may indicate an emotional tie that no longer serves you. Remember, how you relate to the issue is the issue. Obstacles are removed when you change your relationship to them. Inspiration: Iris teaches us that the only route out of stagnation is motion. Personal Inquiry: In which part of my life am I feeling immobilized? Key Ideas: feeling helpless, acceptance of circumstances, and change on the horizon.


Day (Miracle): “Integrity is what turns on the light.” Today, be honest and forthright no matter what. With the energy of the Sun, a miracle awaits you too. You also instinctively know what is authentic. Inspiration: Do you let someone in or do you pretend not to see them? Personal Inquiry: Can someone count on me? Key Ideas: being a light, lighting the way for others, and coming miracles.

Evening (Self-worth): “Come sit in my chair and feel my love,” says the Great Servant. Salmon is the color of deep, emotional peace. You are given a gift of self-love. This card also indicates a love of life. You are no longer trying to prove your value to others, who may not see what you see. Inspiration: People, events, and material objects beyond your frame of reference are being drawn to you tonight. Personal Inquiry: How do I relate to the word “deserving”? Key Ideas: greater knowledge, innocent curiosity, and receiving Divine love.


Day (Renewal): “This is another beginning.” You have a chance to awaken to a new life. However, you may need to deepen your roots and anchor yourself by taking stock of what you would like to create. This is also a time to grow a strong foundation. Inspiration: An end may not be one after all. Personal Inquiry: Am I positive in the face of change? Or defeated? Key Ideas: sourcing from a more beneficial place and feeling “in the dark.”

Evening (Impartiality): “I quietly listen, allowing you to color your own palate.” Tonight is not a time to personally shine, but to allow others to come forth with their gifts. You may find yourself in the role of neutral advisor. Just hold the space for others so they can find their own answers. Inspiration: Take an impartial look at your situation. The action here is to listen and observe. Personal Inquiry: If I step back from my present situation, what do I see? Can I be neutral? Key Ideas: neutral position, allowing things to unfold, and standing in another’s shoes.

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