Mantras for Meditation: March 31 – April 6

Mantras for Meditation: March 31 - April 6

The Power of Mantras

This week, your mantras for meditation cover the Akashic library, compassion, archangels, fated meetings, and more. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras this week?

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March 31 (Compassion): “Compassion permits me to observe others without judgment.”

There is an old saying, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” This means that when you release preconceived notions, you gain compassion. This compassion helps to strengthen your vibration and align you with the Divine energies that are within you. When others recognize the empathic energy you put out into the world, you will see tenderness returned to you.

April 1 (Oracle): “The world is an Oracle that speaks to me.”

These are two unique keys to reading the energy the world is sending you: perception and interpretation. Sometimes we judge what we see on the first impression without thinking about the true meaning of what we are seeing. When the Universe and Divine show you a path or give you a synchronicity to follow, think about the deeper meaning. It may take a day or even a month for its clarity to show through.

April 2 (Akashic Library): “What I surround myself with is part of my Akashic library.”

Your mantras for meditation ask you to take a look at the decor in your home. Do you have Victorian furniture, Egyptian artwork or even something older than that? These interests are part of your Akashic records; they are a reminder of times your soul has been on this plane before. If when you look at these items you feel serenity, then they are a reminder of happy times. Picture yourself using these items and envision yourself surrounded by everything that would go with these items. It will help open your Akashic records so you can read what your soul’s journey was.

April 3 (Archangels): “My Archangels are listening every time I talk to them.”

Your archangels are always listening and they are usually waiting for you to ask them for help. Even if you aren’t sure what to call your archangels, they will still work to answer your prayers. However, they will only respond if you ask for help—this is part of free will. Your archangels will work in gentle ways to help you find the right path or to ease the lesson you are to meant to learn. So, go ahead and ask.

April 4 (Birth): “It is time for me to birth the life I am meant to live.”

Sometimes life can feel like you’re in a constant struggle—almost as if you are giving birth. And in many ways, metaphorically, you are. You are trying to co-create the life you want—the one you are meant to live. Growth means change, and at times change can be hard. But it’s only through that change, or metamorphosis, that opportunities are born into your world. Just know that right now this labor that you are going through bears fruit, in that it gives you the life you are meant to have.

April 5 (Divine Physician): “Healing comes to me in different ways.”

Springtime energy is about growing. Today is the first day this month the Moon is in Sagittarius. Therefore, this is a time for healing that comes in the form of letting go of things that no longer serve your higher good. Healing in this instance is also getting rid of negative self-talk and developing a better relationship with money. Your archangels and the Divine are going to work and your Divine Physician in helping you with this. But, they are also going to help you heal broken relationships so they can work with the energy of seeing the truth.

April 6 (Fated Meeting): “I am fated to have a crucial meeting in my life.”

Yes, there is a notable encounter you are fated to have in your life. This conference could be a work situation, a family gathering or even a romantic adventure. But Divine timing is working with you because you need this engagement to help your soul’s growth in this life. Whatever this convergence of energies is, it’s meant to initiate new vitality for you.

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  1. Joseph A Rakes

    I can hear you all in my mind. About 2 years ago You all had a vision of a being that was standing on air and this being pulled your most powerful up and showed you a vision of the world and what can be and what will happen if things don’t go the way that makes everything good. Anton if I’m not mistaken has left the states and went to Africa he and a dark power has been using the mirror this was a while back the people that took him to it I contacted and stoped that so the thing that I want to talk about is u know that I am telling you the about everything I have said and I need a team to help me and I will give everyone my word that if I can get some help with a issue I have that you will be set for the next ten lives. But Where I’m at right now michigan this place is full of darkness and it is my blood that is involved in blocking me and I need to stop this before it gets bad.I’m not dark like these people and yes I could do that but I don’t want to see these people hurt anymore of my family my brother did not have any kind of power and he is dead now and these people now where my children live I think and the only person that is helping me is my wife and she don’t know her power and I really don’t understand mine so if you can understand and help us I put my word that I will make your life everything you ever needed in life and the next!


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