5 Signs You’re Manifesting Controlling Behavior

5 Signs You’re Manifesting Controlling Behavior

Your Grip is too Tight

Being in control of your life isn’t a bad thing. In fact, most of us feel more comfortable when we know where life is heading and where our choices are taking us. But too much control—to the point where you can’t enjoy life and the people in your life can’t enjoy you—can put your relationships in turmoil. Here are five ways that controlling behavior might manifest.

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1. You Can’t Deal With Unknowns
Life is scary. We never know what’s going to happen or how things will turn out. Often, to manage our anxiety over this, we tighten our grip. This will present itself in different ways—hounding your partner until they tell you about their weekend plans, turning down a dream job because switching career paths worries you, general unease about going on a first date or taking a different-than-usual workout class. If you can’t do anything without being able to predict or anticipate the outcome, you’re going to miss out on a lot.

2. You Don’t Let Other People Make the Plans
It’s great to know what you want. But if you need to dictate everything your group of friends does then you’re not going to be someone other people want to hang around with. This goes for giving pushback about family gatherings (having to dictate the menu or rearranging the place cards at the dinner table) and for calling the shots on every romantic encounter you have (always choosing the restaurant and even ordering for your date) too. People don’t like to feel that they have no say, even if your controlling behavior is the result of good intentions.

3. You Tend to Interrupt People—a Lot
Speaking of intentions, people who exhibit controlling behavior tend to like giving advice. Except, it doesn’t really come off as well-intentioned wisdom. Instead, it feels more like a diatribe on how someone else should live their life. If your friends come to you with their problems, and you try to diagnose them before they even finish speaking their minds, you may need to work on your listening skills.

4. You Expect Changes When You Give Your Opinions
Opinions aren’t bad. It’s great that you have a clear point of view. But know that just because you know how you would do something, that doesn’t mean other people need to do things the same way. This may apply to something as simple as pointing out that you don’t like your partner’s shirt. Fine. You’re just not that into it. But expecting them to change clothes because you voice your displeasure is a sign that you can’t tolerate anything other than your directives.

5. You Get Jealous of Loved One’s Other Relationships
Sometimes, controlling behavior comes from deep-seated insecurity. You worry that if your friends, family members or romantic partner spend time with other people then they mean to replace you or they think you’re disposable. If you find that you get sour or annoyed when the people you love have other relationships and partake in activities that go beyond their time with you, you need to evaluate your need to keep these people all to yourself.

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