This Week in Tarot: October 22 – 28

The Power of Tarot

In honor of Halloween and Samhain, we will be using the Tarot interpretations of Ann Moura, from her book “Tarot for the Green Witch.” Ann has been practicing Green Witchcraft for more than 40 years. Her method of reading the cards draws upon the influences of the natural theme of witchcraft. The cards reflect the seasons of the Earth, the Sabbaths, and the mythic patterns of the goddess and god of Nature too.

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Ann’s book is a great tool for those learning to read the Tarot. She does read reversals, and I will include them in this week’s cards. So let’s dive into the Tarot for the Green Witch, as we prepare for the season of ghosts, goblins, spirits, and witches alike!


DAY (THE STAR [REVERSED]): The Star usually depicts a woman with a bright star in her hand or in the sky above her. She may be pouring out water from a pitcher into each hand and letting it fall on the land and in a river. This signifies hopes and dreams that may manifest. In the reversed position, it means letting opportunities pass, insecurity, the need for peace and the release of the past too. It indicates doubting one’s abilities, and also the distrust of others as well.

EVENING (THE NINE OF CUPS [REVERSED]): This card is also known as the Wish Card. This means you get what you want most. The alignment of circumstance and good decision-making brings fulfillment and satisfaction. The reverse of this card means having imperfect impressions, unwarranted self-satisfaction, and a tie to the past. It can also indicate being irresponsible, selfish, self-indulgent, vain, and complacent.


DAY (THE NINE OF SWORDS): This is a suitable card for a Monday! This card is usually alarming. It shows a person in bed awakening from a nightmare. However, it’s important to remember that the visions of terror are the stuff of dreams, not reality. This is a card of anxieties—the worries that keep people up at night. It offers up all the worst scenarios for any action or plan. But, this card is really about having anxiety, but knowing plans are about to materialize. It’s also about getting to a place of understanding in order to alleviate those worries. It indicates that there is an issue that needs resolution. Also, that one’s fears are out of proportion to reality.

EVENING (THE EARTH MOTHER [REVERSED]): This card usually shows a pregnant lady. Rich symbols of fertility surround her.  This card could mean potential that is not ready to manifest or it could be abundance. The pregnant lady is generous with her bounty and is an inspiration to others too. Reversed, this card means potential that goes unrecognized. It can mean slow progress, vacillation, or blocked creativity.


DAY (PAGE OF WANDS [REVERSED]): This card addresses new creativity and the restlessness to give it expression. There is a sense of wanting to get going too. Reversed, this card turns into impatience, petty rivalries, uncertainty, and flattery from a false friend. It can mean you are easy to influence, or someone is using you to achieve their goals. This card can also mean leaping before looking.

EVENING (KING OF WANDS): This card symbolizes good counsel from one who is knowledgeable and honest. Professional cooperation will help to achieve the best results in a venture or career. Be assertive, but with sincerity, so others will accept and implement your new ideas. This card may also indicate good character and reputation. It suggests a respected leader too.


DAY (HARVEST [REVERSED]): This card usually shows the dead rising to the sound of the trumpet. This indicated both a rebirth and a time of reckoning. The person reaps what they have sown, or gathers in the harvest of past efforts. When reversed, Harvest indicates learning from past mistakes. It can also indicate the need to take stock of the past with the desire for improvement.

EVENING (THE WITCH/THE MAGICIAN): This card demonstrates the power of communication between the individual and Nature. By drawing the energy of the elements inward and directing it to accomplish personal goals and growth, the Witch takes control of her own destiny.


DAY (DRAWING DOWN THE SUN/THE DRUID/HIEROPHANT [REVERSED]): This is the card of a mentor—the one who gives instruction on spiritual matters and traditions. The individual begins to codify and organize spirituality, and perhaps establish a tradition that may be passed down to others. This is a card of scholarship as well since learning is essential for teaching. When reversed, it means social and cultural conformity and dominance. A person may be overly traditional and have a rigid attitude. They may manipulate spiritual truths or use magic formulas.

EVENING (SEVEN OF SWORDS): This card shows that the odds may be surmounted through cunning and skill. Diplomacy and creative thinking may be a factor, but the emphasis is on indirect action rather than confrontation. If you are tactful, you have a better chance of success here. However, this requires an agile mind.


DAY (DRAWING DOWN THE MOON/THE HIGH PRIESTESS): This card shows a woman who holds the book of mysteries open on her lap as she sits between pillars. She is the one who is willing to share her knowledge with those who seek it. In many ways, she sits between worlds and acts as the gateway through which you must pass in order to tap into the lessons of the goddess. It’s a good time to meditate for answers to your questions or read with a Tarot card psychic!

EVENING (TEN OF PENTACLES/TEN OF COINS): This is a card of prosperity that leads to happiness with home and family. The supportive family environment offers emotional and financial security. It also indicates wealth, bringing stability and contentment to the family.


DAY (EIGHT OF PENTACLES): This card shows skill and craftsmanship being applied for commercial purpose. There is a newcomer, or perhaps an apprentice, who is enjoying the blend of skill and productivity. There is some degree of pride and growing confidence as learning continues, but also a need for attention to detail, and the ability to make decisions that will achieve success.

EVENING (QUEEN OF WANDS): This is the card of practicality and kindness. Warmth and constancy are generated by the sense of self-mastery and self-confidence. This may indicate someone whose creative vision extends to all facets of life. Optimism and joy spring from internal energy.

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