This Week in Mantras: October 21 – 27

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers clearing, perspective, fusion, neutrality, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these amazing mantras every day?

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October 21 (Mastery): “I have the discipline to rise above challenges and distractions.”

Tests and trials are the Universe’s way of getting you out of your rut, so embrace them and know that you have the determination to move forward onto a path that will give you the rewards you deserve. Keep both hands on the steering wheel in your own life. It will keep you on the road that leads to your happiness. Your dreams are straight ahead, so be ready for the accolades you deserve.

October 22 (Evolution): “The cyclic nature of the world means every decision opens a new and different door to a new path of learning.”

When you think about your life and everything that you have experienced, you realize you have gone through many evolutions. Each time, your growth has led you to a new path, a new way of thinking, and a new time in your life too. You are meant to grow and evolve as a human, and as a spiritual being. It is through this dual nature of entering the cocoon and emerging from it that you change the world.

October 23 (Neutrality): “Can I be fair in your current actions?”

Sometimes when you take responsibility for your actions or your feelings you are then freed to be impartial. You can look at your life objectively and see where work is needed to bring about equality in the current situation. By letting yourself be neutral in your own life right now, you can be authentic in your thoughts, deeds, and words too. Try to be impartial with those whom you are currently dealing.

October 24 (Perspective): “Sacrifice will lead to a newfound freedom that will change my life.”

Life may feel upside down right now, but you can learn to calm your mind and heart. If you do, you will see that all this is leading to the change that will manifest your dreams. Just pause right now. This will certainly give you time to explore the options that are available to you at this time. You are the only person who can control your destiny.

October 25 (Clearing): “I will release what is no longer in alignment with my higher good.”

By releasing what is no longer in alignment with your spiritual truth, you will make way for something better to arrive. You can let go, clear away the old, and make space for prosperity. Yes, this means even going through belongings and clearing away what is no longer of use to you too. Abundance comes in many different forms—friends, family, love, happiness, etc. Look closely at what is no longer working in your favor and ask yourself if your comfort zone is a tar pit in which you have become stuck.

October 26 (Fusion): “I bring center balance to opposing sides”

You are the center of any situation in your own life. This means you are the synthesis of capability and doing. If you acknowledge all the signs that you are out of balance, you can certainly use them to find your way back to harmony. Adaptability will reign supreme in the situations where others are pushing back or pushing to dominate you. Treat this delicately. When you use a delicate touch with others, you will see them return the favor to you at a later time.

October 27 (Untamed Humanity): “I fear nothing that gives me the freedom to be authentic.”

Release yourself from the bondage of another’s view of who you should be or what you should be doing. When you unchain yourself from fear, you can walk with strength and trust in the universe, knowing that it has your back. Obstacles will start to fall at your feet but you will step lightly onto the path of happiness. Resistance will be bypassed and overlooked as you weave your life worth living. Being purely in the moment gives you the ability to see your real humanity and spirituality at the same time too.

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