Psychic Q&A: Love, Time, and Money

Wounded With Love in His Heart

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Dear Psychic Sloane,

I’ve known this guy for about 10 years. We dated in our twenties but broke up on fairly decent terms. Throughout the years we have kept in touch, had rendezvous, and maintained an awesome friendship. More recently, like this February, I suggested giving it another try. In the beginning, he was all in. Then life got in the way, we were spending less time together, and finances and jobs became the focus.

I thought it was another women or that I was becoming his friend with benefits, so I confronted him. He lost it! Then he basically said that life’s not going well, but was about to commit to me before I made these accusations. He told me he thought I was his peace and he doesn’t want this drama in his life. Then he hung up and I haven’t heard from him since. Have I lost him?

Psychic Sloane ext. 6570 responds:

Dear Friend,

You have not lost him! He loves you very much but sees you as the one person in his life who doesn’t need anything. Obviously, that wasn’t true. Timing is a challenge for you two and he is very insecure about his financial stability, so the “time and money” game has him feeling trapped emotionally and under duress.

I would encourage you to reach out and forgive him. Simply tell him you love him and that you understand why he’s upset. Tell him to take as much time as he needs to heal himself and when he is ready to reach out to you. At a certain point, you must simply have radical faith in the love between the two of you, and forgive his mistakes because there are many.

He isn’t nearly as strong as you are spiritually or emotionally and his insecurities around his purpose and place in the world can secretly overwhelm him at times. When you let go of your fear of losing him and release the wounds he caused you, he will return somewhat wounded but with love in his heart.


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6 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Love, Time, and Money

  1. Jacqueline

    I sure miss my ex from a year ago, he left at Christmas to go see his kids . He then went to tr3atment. A ex girliend of a friend texted me to inform me she was with him. I didn’t believe her but because of circumstances he didn’t communicate with me . As my ex was lingering around and there was 2 feet of snow o didn’t tell my boyfriend that my ex was there I just didn’t say much.Anyways it breaks my heart that I lost my soulmate without being able to at least talk to him before his death.

  2. Amber Haase

    Amber 02/01/60. Will I get back with my ex boyfriend Vince 07/31/52 and if so when? Or do you see someone new coming into my life? Thank you

  3. Angela

    Want to know if I should make my live in boyfriend leave? Ricky my bf. Think he’s cheating. ..he use to want us to live at his place but he’s got cold and distance…any future for us? Why he cold aft 4 yrs now?

  4. Sherie

    Yes I’m dating long distance it,works for me,however ready for him open up…he appears other things going on. We met at work…4 years ago he,still hanging around visit me,in southern California from Northern California really warms my heart now I’m hoping for more he keeps saying we will spend more time soon.


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