Use Your Intuition to Advance Your Career

Tap Your Inner Resources For the Coming Year

Can you use your own intuition to advance your career? Absolutely! Never thought of doing this before? Follow these twelve steps in 2012 and watch your career take a super-surge forward as you master the powerful career-building skill of intuition!

1. Write out what you desire to happen in your career for 2012. Desire equals destiny! Whatever you desire for your career is destined to happen, and your intuition will help you.

2. Ask your guides or higher self daily for guidance and the connections you need to create your career desire. Remember, your guides’ job is to listen to you and help you!

3. Listen throughout your work day for the guidance that is coming to you. It will usually come as a strong feeling that you need to take an action or speak with someone.

4. Record in a journal the guidance you receive. Your recording of this guidance will help you strengthen your intuition and also signals to your guides that you are committed to receiving their guidance.

5. Act upon your guidance. Your gift of intuition will never ask you to do anything that is beyond your abilities! As you take action you will learn to trust your intuition more each day.

6. Use your intuition to solve tough work issues. After you write out the issue, follow steps two through four, and watch your reputation grow for being the go-to person for problem resolutions!

7. Strengthen your intuition daily. Ask yes-no questions to simple work problems by visualizing the color green for a “yes” and the color red for a “no.”

8. Accelerate your intuition using affirmations. Affirm your intuition daily as you go about your work day. Building your confidence will help you trust your guidance.

9. Practice gratitude daily for the rich gift of guidance that is available to you at no cost! Most Nobel prize winners affirm that their greatest discoveries came through intuition. You can be that successful too!

10. Meditate daily for 12 minutes to build the skill of going within and quiet listening.

11. Keep an intuition journal for all the insights, knowledge and support you are receiving. At the end of 2012 you will be amazed at how much support and wisdom you have received.

12. Visualize your career future for a few minutes, right before you go to sleep. Imagine a giant screen above you, and that screen is playing a scene of exactly what you want to have happen in your career. Your own intuitive psychic abilities grow from visualization practice!

Happy career success in 2012 to all our California Psychics clients!

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6 thoughts on “Use Your Intuition to Advance Your Career

  1. Vito Capano

    You are right, and I am living proof. Great article. It will help enlighten so many people. I look forward to seeing more of the great blogs that I see on

    God Bless,
    Vito Capano


    Thank you,
    I really like reading you. I can’t wait to have money in order to be able to consult you and pay you. time is hard actually. Hopefully, time gets nicer with me.


    Thank you,
    I really like readinding you. I can’t wait to mhave money in order to be able to consult you and pay you. time is hard actually. Hopefully, timer gets nicer with me.

  4. marialaloca77Maria

    For the New Year I see myself back in statis! It was so amazing to plan this year as my year to get back in Gear, financially emotionally and around sertain energies set me in total stand still. I understand I’m not the only one tired of the same mistakes. There’s times I felt there was something out there for me but proscatinating backfired, this time I will improve the skills hidden inside. Today I gotta stick with my own Game plan. So I can come back a better game player!


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