Psychic Success: Find Your True Self

When She Lost it All, She Found Her True Self

Alice called me crying, confused and not knowing which way to turn. Alice is a middle aged woman who went through a difficult divorce and is now a single parent of two teenagers.

One of her many problems was how she was going to weather the financial storm she was facing. She was forced to sell her home and move into a smaller, more economical apartment. The children were forced to change schools and the living conditions changed drastically.

On top of all this, she was facing cutbacks at work and petrified that she would soon be unemployed. The other variable in this saga, is that she was now seeing another man, a married man.

She was seeking guidance and direction, as well as “hope.”

During our first session, we dealt with her being too overwhelmed to make a decision, as well as her present state of depression. We immediately seemed to bond, and I was able to calm her down and point her in a direction.

I advised her that the Tarot cards, in additional to my own feelings, said that she first and foremost had to simplify her life. We looked at one problem at a time. It seemed Alice was one who always helped others, and had lost her identity as well as her self-esteem.

The first problem we dealt with was financial. I suggested she talk to her manager, who she had a good rapport with, to discuss her job security. In the cards, I saw Alice had a huge amount of suppressed creativity. She told me that she enjoyed making jewelry as a hobby. I suggested that she participate in local craft shows for exposure.

The second problem we discussed were her new living accommodations. I told her I felt that she was in a safe place and that her and the children could make this a “home.” I suggested that she let the children design their own rooms so they could very much feel like they were an integral part of their home and community.

The call ended on that note.

Two days later, Alice called and advised that she spoke with her manager and that her job was safe. She said the children were excited about having their own space. Alice was still sad about her man and didn’t know how to address these particular issues. I advised that since we had looked at the practical, now it was time to look at Alice herself and how to make her feel better.

I informed her that the cards showed that this married man himself was confused. He wasn’t sure of his direction, and his behavioral inconsistencies were adding to Alice’s confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed. She told me she thought she loved him and I advised that he felt the same. We then discussed the option of temporarily not seeing each other, for them to sort out what they really wanted and felt. I told her she was extremely vulnerable and didn’t need more problems to cloud her mind. I told her that they loved each other but they both needed time, especially, to gain some independence and think clearly.

That was the end of the second call.

One week later, I heard from Alice again. She told me that she had joined a single parents group. I advised her that I was proud of her and her growing strength. She then told me that her and her boyfriend were taking a hiatus on their relationship, and hopefully would be back together after things were sorted out and their minds cleared. She told him that she did not want to continue a relationship with a married man, as she had been the victim of infidelity.

I told her that now was the time for her to discover herself and to gain her own independence. She told me that she had sold two pieces of jewelry at a craft fair and that her and the children were starting to feel like they really had a home.

We spoke regularly over the next few months with Alice telling me she now feels lighter and things are beginning to work out.

She said her boyfriend called, had filed for divorce and wanted to resume their relationship. We discussed in detail with the cards showing it was time to take things slowly and begin as friends.

During our most recent conversation, Alice was excited and confident. The job was going well, her jewelry sales were growing, the children were adapting well to their new surroundings and Joe, who did finally get his divorce, and Alice were becoming friends with no promises or expectations.

Alice stated that when life seemed so overwhelming with no light at the end of the tunnel, talking to me gave her hope, confidence and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Life will never be perfect, there will always be roadblocks, but Alice now believes that she is strong enough to handle anything that comes her way.

Our psychic/client relationship continues. We share a certain bond that allowed us to learn from each other. Each time we end our calls we both smile.

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Success: Find Your True Self

  1. Carmen

    Have same problems like Alice the different my kids are married all tree. Iam Divorce ,leave along meet this guy on and off of his marriedand mayority of the time live along but very tie family valious.Old facion in away thinking.Her wife leave another country no like live in USA. Out of the suden state decide come in end of July he dont know what to do. I sd to him is ur wife if u love her goand wait to see what happen. She sees other man too. So Iam in betweenbut same time strong enough to handle situation. What you predict to me doing. Thanks

  2. sweetz

    I can relate this story very well. i was in a relationship with a guy whom I thought he had left his children mom. Saying that she was abusive and controlling. However, I was not trying to be a home wrecker, but we end up falling in love and got married. I do not know if it was karma or what. My life crumbled. It’s funny but, I still love him. And I’m a emotional wreck. If I could get a reading to tell me what to do. I would greatly appreciate it. I’m in my middle age as well as the lady in this story.


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