The Return of Grandpa the Psychic Spider Monkey!

Soothsaying Simian Predicts Republican Primaries

“Grandpa,” the psychic spider monkey we reported on when he first hit the psychic animal scene, is taking his game to a whole new level – predicting the likely winner of the first Republican primary. His method, you ask? Choosing a banana with the candidate’s name on it from a bunch of bananas. No kidding! 

The NY Daily News Reports:

Grandpa, the wise, old spider monkey who calls the Staten Island Zoo home, views life through Yoda-like eyes — and his fans say that eerily accurate is the future he sees.

His keepers have been testing his supposedly psychic powers by having him pick the winners of tennis matches and pigskin tilts. But the Daily News is giving Grandpa his toughest challenge yet — choosing which candidate in the crowded GOP field will claim victory in the New Hampshire primary.

On Monday, the day before the showdown in the Granite State, The News will have Grandpa pick a banana from a bunch. Each banana will have written on it the name of a GOP candidate — and pity all who are not the chosen banana.

In the past, Grandpa has shown himself to be an ace at beating odds in sporting matches that break down to a simple flip of a coin, like his triumph in picking the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl last year.

But The News’ test will confront the zoo’s “elder statesman” with a race that has proven to be chaotic and a cast of characters whose fates have changed wildly. Even though former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is running well ahead of the pack in New Hampshire, where he owns a summer home, the zoo’s head curator says it is impossible for mere mortals to know how Grandpa will pick ’em.

“He could sit there and not do anything for five minutes,” Peter Laline said, hypothesizing that Grandpa could prove to be as fickle or as undecided as many in the deeply divided Republican electorate.

“You can never tell with animals,” he said. “They never do exactly what you think they’re going to do.”

What do you think – now that Grandpa is the brightest psychic animal star on the block, does he stand a chance at keeping the crown?

“Nature is full of wisdom and consciousness.” – Lalita ext. 5408

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