True Psychic Stories

When a psychic’s readings are said and done for the day… how much does being psychic affect their personal life? Just like any talent, most psychics don’t use their gifts 24/7. But many of our intuitives do enjoy the way their knowingness sometimes offers them extra insight into the people in their lives, has saved them from harm, improved their parenting skills and helped them keep a sensible eye on their relationships.

On a day-to-day basis, being intuitive is a blessing, our psychics say, one that comes with a great sense of responsibility… though every now and then when it comes to being psychic for themselves, the results can be just plain fun and exciting!

When a friend called Dawn ext. 9777 angry and crying – her car had just been stolen from the hospital parking lot while she was at work – Dawn picked her up, parked her own car in the spot where her friend’s car had been locked up for the evening and within minutes drove off slowly, allowing herself to follow her senses. “I felt like turning right out of the parking lot, I drove about six more blocks and then made a left and continued until we both locked eyes on her SUV parked about six houses ahead. It’s funny because finding lost objects is not my specialty. I was just shown where the car was!”

Violet ext. 9662 tells a story of sensing danger while she was getting her hair cut at one of the stylist stations way at the back of her salon. She watched two men shopping at the front of the shop, who appeared to be in a very normal process of making a purchase. But her immediate reaction was to dial 911. “The police pulled up, just as both men pulled out their guns,” the psychic recalls. Luckily nobody was hurt as the robbery was interrupted.

Having psychic gifts can also be extremely practical, especially when it comes to solving their own relationship mysteries, staying connected with loved ones and even sizing up dates.

TeriLynn ext. 9625 says the clarity she has in love can be both a blessing and a challenge, as she recounted this eye opening tale. The psychic and her boyfriend were fast asleep one night when they were awakened by a loud “Ouch!” from her lover. In her sleep the psychic had dropped her fist on his private parts like a hammer. When she realized what she had done, she also had the reason for her unexpected behavior. Terilynn told him that she knew he was having an affair, and that she would be glad to tell him what the woman looks like. Her boyfriend denied the accusation vehemently. A few days later, Terilynn recognized the woman in her dream, asked her name and relayed it to her lover!

Psychic parents are often highly in tune with their children, especially when it comes to keeping them out of trouble or finding out about their latest escapades.

Many of their kids have spoken out about the difficulty of growing up with an all-knowing parent. Abigail ext. 9570 says her youngest son would always get caught trying to sneak out of the house, and Dawn stopped her 13-year-old son while he was smoking his first cigarette when she got a whiff of it right through his cell phone.

“You can’t smell smoke through the telephone,” he yelled back at her. “Don’t tell me I can’t smell cigarette smoke. I know what smoke smells like…” Dawn came back at him as he continued to look behind bushes in the park where he was standing around with friends. “You’re really weird, mom,” he told her when he returned home rather sheepishly. “That was the moment I finally knew that everything people have said you can do, my whole life, is true.”

And there have been times, when the gift of knowing, has brought together a community, as when Lucrecia ext. 9326 predicted that the electric cable would be cut by accident in her neighborhood at four in the afternoon. She was confident enough to call the neighbors and warn them, and used the accident as an excuse to have them come to her place for a séance!

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