Benefits of Gemstones

To continue from my last post, For the Love of Gemstones,
today I will touch on the various gemstones and what each one aims to
cure. For starters, since ancient times, seers and seekers have known
that gemstones have healing powers. Certain stones
work specifically to aid in specific situations. For instance, to gain
personal strength the best stones are Jasper, Garnet, Malachite or
Earth Agate. These will help to ground you
and promote inner strength while, for example, you are dieting or
trying to stick to an exercise program. Agates can also help you to
feel more secure, and Jaspers can help by their very dense
energies. Ancient physicians also used Jaspers as regulators of
metabolism — they were frequently used for stomach and digestive ills.

Gemstones are minerals and therefore are naturally absorbed into the
body which is why they work so well to heal. Ancient healers would put
the gemstones directly on the body, or ask the patient to wear them as

Of course there are many more, but for now here are just a few of the most well known gemstones and their cures.

Coral was used to relieve throat and voice ailments and also to help
promote physical endurance. Crystals are also used for physical healing
and for just about every ailment there is — pink quartz is especially used for heart afflictions both physical and emotional.

Ivory has helped guide against physical injury. Jade helps heal
vital organs such as stomach disorders and liver functions. It can also
be used to ease eyestrain which can benefit those who work on computers
for long hours a day.

The beautiful Lapis Lazuli helps develop spiritual awakening while Moonstone helps to regulate pituitary gland functions.

The Pearl helps to fight off infections and Rhodochrosite helps to
prevent mental breakdowns. This latter stone also balances physical and
emotional trauma quite nicely. The ruby helps guard against
schizophrenia and mental disorders.

Some stones help to assimilate certain substances. For instance the
Sapphire promotes to increase levels of potassium, magnesium and
calcium. Opals increase assimilation of proteins. Sodalite helps to
balance the function of the thyroid gland.

The very gorgeous Amethyst (one of my favorites) is known to be a very spiritual stone, promoting deep inner healing. A good use for Amethyst is when exploring past lives, or in meditation.

Next we’ll explore best ways to wear gemstones.

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