The A-B-Cs of Spirituality!

“A” may be for apple and “D” is for duck, but in our ABCs of Spirituality, “A” is for aura and “D” for the Dalai Lama. We’ve put together this playful list as a reminder that spirituality can be found in everything – even in the alphabet. Did we forget a word or phrase that has special significance to you? Have some fun by adding your own keywords or sayings. You can even pull it out and add to it during your next dinner party. It’s simply an entertaining way to stay in touch with what enriches your soul!

A is for Aura and Astrology

B is for Be Yourself and Breathe

C is for Clarity and Compassion

D is for Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama

E is for Energy and Enlightenment

F is for Follow Your Bliss

G is for Guardian Angels and Gratitude

H is for Health and Healing

I is for Intuition

J is for Joyful Journey

K is for Kindness and Karma

L is for Love and Laughter

M is for Mindfulness and Meditation

N is for Nirvana

O is for Om

P is for Psychic Power, Peace and Prayer

Q is for Quiet Time

R is for Respect and Relaxation

S is for Spirituality and Spa

T is for Treat Yourself Well

U is for Understanding

V is for Virtues

W is for Well-Being and the Way

X is for Excellence In All Things

Y is for You Are Your Own Best Friend

Z is for Zen and Zodiac

Now you know the ABCs of Spirituality!

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