Your Weekly Tarot Reading: March 11- 17

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: March 11- 17

The Power of Tarot

This week, we’ll revisit Magick’s wonderful tarot book which just came out last year. It’s based on the Thoth deck. The author believes that Tarot is a universal filing system for understanding any event, person, environment or problem too. Magick goes into the “Shadow” for the Minor Arcana, which I take to be the reversed card meaning. Have a wonderful week culminating in St. Patrick’s Day and a New Moon. Here is your weekly tarot reading!

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Day (The Devil/Pan XV): Sign: Capricorn. Magick believes The Devil is the beginning of your path toward self-realization. Today, notice when you are projecting your shadow onto others. Try to accept your shadow side too. Be careful not to confuse seeking power and control with accomplishments that are manifestations of your true will. Are you wielding power over others without their permission? There is no right reason to control and oppress others.

Evening (The Sun: XIX): Planet: The Sun. The stage you have reached is beyond competition. It’s a place of mutual cooperation. Self-employment, partnerships, and cooperatives are the structures that serve truly self-realized individuals too. We are certainly wise fools, liberated from our own limitations and ready to create. Freedom is really the willingness to take full responsibility for all that we do and all that we are.


Day (The Hierophant V): Sign: Taurus. The Hierophant asks you to consider your lifework. Are you doing what you “should” according to your parents or are you listening to your soul’s yearnings and manifesting your unique work in the world? Do you need more education to become who you truly want to be? This would be a great time to take a class in something you are passionate about too. Many times this card indicates a strong connection to the animal world, agriculture, and the preparation of food.

Evening (The Fool: 0): Element: Air. The Fool is like the Sun bursting through the clouds, calling us to come out of our caves of worry and drink in the moment! He reminds us that life always offers us the opportunity to start over and some of his favorite ways to entice are via travel and love. Therefore, it’s a good night to go and explore someplace new and broaden your horizons. It’s also a good night to honor your inner child, who wants some time to just have fun and play!


Day (Two of Disks): Astrological Aspect: Jupiter in Capricorn. Today, Jupiter offers you a chance to expand your work potential by emphasizing the creative aspects and letting go of limitations. Usually, this indicates a job change. It could also be a new job or infusing your current work with creative energy. This card is called “Change” in the Thoth deck, reminding us that the only constant in the Universe is change. Too often we fear change and grasp for false security in stagnant situations.

Evening (The Emperor/Visionary Activist IV): Astrological Sign: Aries. Tonight, The Emperor asks us to examine our relationship to power—both internally and externally. Do we like the structures by which we live our daily lives? Do they serve us or are they oppressive? The Emperor asks us to examine our own ability to exercise power at work and in our relationships. Many times, this card brings up a paternal relationship, and how we often play out that father-child relationship in our adult lives.


Day (Seven of Cups [Reversed]): Astrological Aspect: Venus in Scorpio. Shadow: Today, there may be a lack of awareness that what you need is hidden in your heart. You may be choosing other means for temporary gratification such as shopping, alcohol, gambling, drugs or video games. Addiction can certainly take on various forms. Even work, the gym or reading can become a way of avoiding your soul’s desire. It’s time to explore other ways to love yourself and find healthy forms of self-expression too. If you are dealing with a loved one who is also in denial, an intervention may be necessary.

Evening (Six of Disks [Reversed]): Astrological Aspect: Moon in Taurus. Shadow: Tonight is a good night to ask yourself if you’re feeling successful in terms of financial compensation, possessions, and position, but feeling empty inside. Try looking at “having” on a more spiritual level by asking questions like: “Do I have a deep purpose in my work? Do I have loving and meaningful relationships with the people I work with? And, do I have peace of mind?” Ask yourself what success really means. At the end of your life, how do you imagine you’ll define success for yourself?


Day (Six of Swords [Reversed]): Astrological Aspect: Mercury in Aquarius. Shadow: Science has become a god that supersedes and overrides all other approaches to understanding situations and solutions too. Have you become so isolated in your work that you’ve lost touch with what effect your work has on other life forms or environments? If you’re ill, have you become angry with your body and judgmental of yourself and others, blaming, instead of claiming your innate power to heal and forgive?

Evening (The Magus I/The Magician): Planet: Mercury. The Magician signifies a time to trust in the synchronicity of events and act on impulses that connect you to helpful people or go to places that are calling you. The Magus is a great communicator, so seek out opportunities to speak and write about what you are inspired by. If you’re not clear, do some free writing, speak into a recorder or just talk out loud to yourself to bring what is hidden out into the light of day. Then, when the clouds of confusion have cleared, follow the clues on your treasure hunt for chances to do your work.


Day (Ten of Swords [Reversed]): Astrological Aspect: Sun in Gemini. Shadow: This card is called Ruin and implies that no matter what you do, there is no way out. This is only true if you continue to try to figure it out, fix it or find the perfect plan. However, when we turn the situation over, a positive shift can happen. The Universe moves in a zigzag fashion and just when there seems to be no hope, the impossible happens.

Evening (Three of Cups [Reversed]): Astrological Aspect: Mercury in Cancer. Shadow: Sometimes we become too isolated and focused on our primary relationship, expecting it to fulfill all our emotional needs. That’s when jealousy comes in, based on fear of loss. Love cannot be possessed and likely will move on or just dry up if it is damned up and trapped too. Tonight, it’s time to trust love to guide the course of the relationship. This choice to relinquish control brings us into the present, unobstructed by expectations.

Saturday (New Moon)

Day (Prince of Cups): Signs: Libra and Scorpio. This Prince pulsates with sexual energy so the New Moon is a good time to explore your needs, desires, and fantasies. Honor them without judgment and remember this arena is filled with important lessons that can change your whole life. In the work world, it’s time to focus, set clear goals, and not let others’ doubts or mistrust stop you either. You hold the power to move swiftly and accomplish a lot, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

Evening (The High Priestess II): Planet: The Moon. Tonight, it’s time to let go of your determination to get from point A to point B and come fully into the present moment too. The High Priestess is a signal that you are going through an initiation into another stage of your life and, therefore, familiar logic and reasoning are now in the unknown and cannot take the lead. It’s time to receive the guidance from within. If you are in a relationship, it’s also time to let go and see what happens when you respond authentically to the other person.

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