Mantras for Meditation: March 10 – 16

Mantras for Meditation: March 10 - 16

The Power of Mantras

This week, your mantras for meditation cover self-love, domestic harmony, financial discipline, and more. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras this week?

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March 10 (Self-Discipline): “By keeping my promises, I am practicing self-discipline.

You should always see promises to yourself as something Divine because you were led to make that bargain. And, it becomes much easier for you to keep promises to others when you have maintained your word to yourself. Others will vouch for you and say that you live up to your word too. You will also find that your inner confidence begins to grow as you become a person of your word.

March 11 (Environment): “I fill my environment with the beauty of words, deeds, and thoughts.”

Your own thoughts, words, and deeds are what fill your future. What you think, what you say, and what you do today influence the energy of your tomorrow. When you fill your days with words of kindness, beauty, and serenity, that’s exactly what you’ll manifest tomorrow. It’s a direct reflection of what you’ve planted. So, as you start today, allow love and harmony to fill your heart, mind, and spirit.

March 12 (Domestic Harmony): “I will keep my home orderly to promote harmony.”

By keeping your home orderly and putting everything back in its place, you’re promoting harmony. Harmony also comes from everything being in working order, and everyone working together. The old saying “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” comes to mind here. There was a reason your mother always wanted the house to be orderly. In her mind it brought harmony. Everyone was peaceful and happy because negative energy was cleared from all the corners.

March 13 (Financial Discipline): “I will spend money wisely.”

Developing a healthy relationship with your finances is a way to ensure you have money to spend. When we talk about abundance, we often talk about the laws of manifestation. When you look at the money you earn, and you see it as an exchange of energy, it helps you develop a different relationship with money. If you look at money this way, it will allow you to manifest your dreams of financial security. Then, financial security will enable you to spend money wisely and give you the economic freedom of which you dream.

March 14 (Relationship Change): “I work to evoke a peaceful change for the better in all my relationships.”

In order to make changes in a relationship, we often have to make changes within ourselves. It’s these changes that give us wisdom and insight into what the future holds. By working on these changes yourself, you’ll have the strength and courage to endure this natural period of growth. You’re the only person you can control in any relationship, so work to better yourself. When you’re loved ones, coworkers or neighbors noticed the positive change, they’ll work to follow your lead.

March 15 (Teaching and Learning): “I will remember that I can learn as life gives me lessons to teach.”

Never underestimate the words you share when you’re talking with others about the lessons you’ve learned in your own life. By taking the time to share your knowledge, you’ll allow others to gain a different perspective on their lessons. Every choice you make is a choice on the path you walk. As a result, there is no wrong choice in this life. There are only lessons to learn that will later be passed on as wisdom.

March 16 (Self-Love): “I love myself as I am.”

Today’s the day before the new moon. Therefore, this is a day for you to do some spiritual healing. Take time today to write down all your attributes that you admire. Pick a pretty piece of paper and pen to write them down and then type them into your phone so you see them every time you open it. These are the things you want others to notice and admire about you, but you need to honor them within yourself first.

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