The Meaning of a Bison Sighting

The Meaning of a Bison Sighting

Guidance and Protection

If you identify with the bison, you are someone who’s grateful for a life that feels abundant. The energy of a bison spirit feels protected by the Earth and the Universe. It trusts that everything you need is that which you already have. If you don’t already feel this in your life, perhaps the meaning of a bison sighting is to remind you that it’s the “little things” that mean the most. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want more. It just means that you should be happy with what you’ve already got.

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Also, if you’re the protective type, the bison might be one of your spirit animals (as we generally have more than one).

Are Buffalo and Bison the Same?

Just for clarification sake, let’s address the 800-pound buffalo or bison in the room. Are buffalo and bison the same? The short answer to that question is: No. According to, “The animal that most Americans call a buffalo is actually a bison. There are only two buffalo types in the world. There’s the Water Buffalo (found in Asia) and the Cape Buffalo (found in Africa). Early American settlers called bison, bufello, due to the similar appearance of the two animals, and the name buffalo stuck for the American variety.”

Nevertheless, when it comes to spirit energy, both animals symbolize protection, stability, prosperity, courage, strength, freedom, abundance, and gratitude. They are also both grounded and spiritual.

Life Before Settlement

You cannot tell the story of the bison without telling the story of Native Americans. It’s ironic that an animal that symbolizes abundance was almost killed off by the wants and needs of man. Before the days of guns and settlers, there were millions of bison—some estimate well over 20 million. But now there are only thousands left. This makes a bison sighting even more meaningful and rare.

The Native Americans of the Great Plains revered, honored, and respected this animal. For many tribes between Canada and the U.S., the bison provided life—food, clothing, and shelter. According to, “The Indians’ nomadic way of life synchronized with the migrations of bison, deer, and elk.” Without the interference of European settlers, Native Americans could have lived life hunting bison almost indefinitely.

In his book, Animal Speak, author Ted Andrews was referencing bison when he wrote, “’The Lord helps those who help themselves,” and that the Lakota Sioux believed that right action combined with the right prayer could manifest all that one wants or needs.

Chinese Tradition and the Buffalo

In Chinese tradition, the water buffalo associates with Hsi Ho, the Chinese Mother. She symbolizes luck and hope and is “centered” spiritually. The water buffalo is also part of the story of Lao Tsu. He’s the sixth-century philosopher known as the father of Taoism and the author of the text, the Tao Te Ching. When he became disillusioned by the greed and desires of man, he rode a water buffalo out of China. Soon after, he wrote his philosophies (the Tao). In many Asian populations, both ancient and more modern, the water buffalo skull and/or horns represent strength and abundance.

The Buffalo or Bison Spirit

If the buffalo or bison is your spirit animal, you are one who is loyal and loving to those closest to you. You are also protective of them. You’ll feel contentment, knowing you have all you need to live a life that feels abundant. You are most likely a down-to-earth individual who feels a deep connection to the Great Spirit.

As a power animal, you can summon the spirit of the buffalo or bison when you need to have strength of mind, body, and spirit.

People who carry the buffalo or bison spirit are often the people who shoulder burdens, whether their own or someone else’s. They are the proverbial shoulder to cry on. They often teach others (by example) how to shoulder their own burdens or to “pay it forward” and help others.

Overall, the buffalo or bison represents joy in the act of living. Joy through interactions with people and spiritual beliefs. Joy from living a life that is full of gratitude, and caring for yourself and others. If you have a buffalo or bison sighting, remember its spiritual meaning. Be grateful for that moment, and thank them for the lessons they have taught you about life and your very own existence.

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