Your Weekly Tarot Reading: December 10 – 16

The Power of Tarot

This weekly tarot reading will be exploring The Akashic Tarot. This deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler (best-selling author and intuitive) and Sandra Anne Taylor (best-selling author). The Akashic Tarot is a tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers. It can help access the profound energy and unlimited information that make up the Akashic Records. It can also help you connect with your spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and loved ones in spirit. So, let us enter the akashic world this week:

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Day (#22: Adsum): Adsum, a woman, sits at her desk reading and is distracted by a thought or someone nearby. An angel whispers to her, “Adsum, I arrive. I am here.” Adsum is a word that affirms your own strength and focus in the present. Say, “Adsum, I am here,” and feel yourself attend to the situation or person before you. Say, “Adsum, I arrive,” and see yourself reaching your goals. This card also reminds you that no matter what’s happening, Spirit is always there for you.

Evening (#5: Hilarion): Hilarion is a powerful ascended master and a wonderful connection to the Akashic Records. He is the master of research, science, truth, healing, logical mind, concrete knowledge, and spirit communication. Hilarion is always available to you, especially if you are working on a project that requires research, or a strong academic approach. This is a time to bring a logical approach to all your pursuits.


Day (#2: The Akashic Library): Inside a great library, a sage sits thoughtfully with an open book on his table and a quill in his hand. Sometimes this card can indicate writing or publishing a book, but it also symbolizes a new initiation—the ability to manifest a new life in every way. To begin, write one simple declaration about the future you wish to create and repeat it to yourself often. Then decide one thing you can do to make it happen, and do it. Anything can happen now.

Evening (7 of Keys: The Ascent [Reversed]): This card reversed can sometimes indicate the loss of a position, a sudden departure from a job or a fall from grace in your reputation. It also speaks to efforts that don’t pay off. You may have worked hard to reach a higher position, yet it seems to have eluded you. It may just be a passing phase, but if it continues, it could be time to think about a new approach or a different place to plant your flag.


Day (6 of Scrolls: The Sands of Time [Reversed]): There’s no need to hurry. The sun is rising in the east on a new day, and the hourglass is full. The task at hand may require more research, so take all the time you need to do it. Take a breath; you’ve got plenty of time.

Evening (3 of Scrolls: Setting Your Course [Reversed]): You may not be looking as far ahead as you can, or perhaps you aren’t giving yourself the freedom to move forward. Tonight, try to break the habit of holding yourself back instead. There may be miscommunication in some project or friendship or a person may be misleading you or not pulling his weight.


Day (#12: The Scribe): The learned scribe writes at a high desk and nearby are other working scribes. In many societies, scribes were the most learned men of their time. Today indicates a great upsweep in mind and study for you. If there’s a subject you would like to study, this is the time to do it. There may be a teacher who can help you with this. You could also become a writer or teacher at this time.

Evening (#19: Reflection): A full moon shines brightly over a quiet lake as a small ship glides gently through the water. This card can sometimes indicate a trip, particularly over or by water. Also, it can reveal that you now have a direct line to your psychic gifts. This would be a great time to take classes in meditation, psychic development, healing or other spiritual arts. Trust your inner voice and you will be guided to greatness.


Day (The King of Roses): This card shows a man holding two roses—a red and a white—demonstrating a balance of passion and purity. At his feet are the yellow roses of healing and creativity. This is the king of love. He indicates that a potential union could be at hand, either in friendship, business or romance. Whether this king is you or another man, the role of husband or father is now opening to create a happy home and family. This card also indicates that you are ready to stand up for yourself and take loving action on your own behalf.

Evening (Six of Roses: The War of the Roses): Storm clouds gather in the sky. Two lines of knights representing the white rose and the red rose stand facing each other across a clear field of battle. This card depicts a war within a relationship, and/or a battle within your heart about a relationship. Most often this relationship is romantic, but it could also be another kind of relationship. There could be power plays and a lack of reciprocity and communication. The situation is nothing less than karmic, and it’s time to listen and take action.


Day (Two of Roses: Winged Messengers [Reversed]): The conflict has grown, and it seems no one can come together. Your fears and feelings may be drowning out the voice of your spirit, which makes it difficult to achieve peace. Be careful that you are not asked to give more than you have. Though the situation seems very difficult, it’s really a matter of everyone making an effort to set things right. Therefore, you need to step away from the conflict when others are determined to have their way.

Evening (Three of Roses: Loving Elementals): Playful faeries and water sprites frolic around a little child. Nature spirits of all kinds do exist, and they have more power than can be imagined. This card is here to tell you that joy will be increasing this evening. It also encourages you to remember to have fun! Bring more playfulness to your daily life, let yourself sing a little and laugh a lot. Call on the elementals to inspire you.


Day (#17: The Lookout [Reversed]): Here, the lookout may seem to have fallen and lost his position, but he is now free from the heat of battle. You may find yourself in the throes of a sudden and difficult loss—perhaps a job, a relationship or a major creative opportunity. As painful as it may seem, it is truly a gift in disguise. You’re on your way to a larger-than-life, life!

Evening (4 of Forces: Spring/Autumn): This card shows a budding tree and flowers starting to bloom. It indicates that you are entering a time of planting and laying the groundwork for the future. This could be a very creative period for you, so make sure you engage with joy and optimism. You are always planting your energy into the Akashic Records of your life, so remember to also plant hope and happiness.

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