Your Holiday Guide to Spiritual Gifts

Gifts That Do Good

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, you may want to consider giving your loved ones spiritual gifts instead of the customary electronics, designer accessories or popular toys. Spiritual gifts may not be on their wish lists, but they should be. That’s because spiritual gifts are the gifts people actually need, as opposed to the gifts it would be nice to have. We sat down with Psychic Samantha ext. 6738 to talk about the importance of spiritual gift-giving this holiday season.

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1. How are spiritual gifts different from other gifts?
Many of the gifts we tend to get during the winter holidays are mere material possessions. They may make us happy, but they certainly don’t make us better people, raise our vibrations or help us do soul work. Spiritual gifts do all of those things and more. They can provide support, comfort, insight, protection, awareness and they can facilitate positive conditions in our lives.

2. What’s your favorite spiritual gift to give?
My mother and I have a special tradition when it comes to spiritual holiday gifts. Every year, we give each other something related to angels. It could be an ornament, perfume, books, etc. Last week she told me she has a special place on her Christmas tree for all the angel ornaments I have given her over the years. We live 3,000 miles apart and don’t always get to spend the holidays together. However, the spiritual gifts we exchange connect us in spirit.

3. What’s the best spiritual gift you’ve ever received?
In anticipation of my confirmation, my grandfather gave me a bible when I was 13 years old. It’s white, with a gold cross and trim and there’s an inscription on the inside of it. I spent the following summer reading that bible from cover to cover. While my beliefs have become much more inclusive since then, that gift was instrumental to my development on my spiritual path.

4.How do I know if someone I care about needs a spiritual gift in their life?
A spiritual gift is an appropriate gift for anyone who is in need of support, comfort, protection, or who could benefit from new insights or awareness. What’s great about spiritual gifts is that there are so many to choose from—and at all different price points. Consider crystals, candles, incense, books, card decks or jewelry. The list is endless! However, this is the season of giving and the best gifts are free, so love, compassion, and kindness are wonderful spiritual gifts to give too. Those are the gifts that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Our purpose in life is to develop and share these gifts with as many people as possible.

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