Mantras for Meditation: December 9 – 15

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers authentication, peace, passion, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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December 9 (Destiny): “I will see both the challenges and the good things in my future as blessings.”

Knowing what lies ahead on your path means you can prepare for it. However, knowing about something before it happens doesn’t mean you can stop it or change it. What you can do is lessen the negative impact by using the knowledge the Universe has provided. Prepare for whatever you can—even the blessings. If you do, you will find that the Universe and the Divine smile upon you. Preparation will also help you move forward past anything that’s upsetting. You’ll be graceful and others will marvel at your resilience.

December 10 (Peace): “I have peace in all areas of my life and my world.”

This is one of the mantras for meditation that will help you take some time to think about what tranquility within feels like to you. And when you create a space of peace within your heart, it will be seen by others, through your actions and your words. Yes, you do have to slow down and think before you speak for you to maintain that peace within you. Being at peace within yourself, within your life, and with your family and work, are divine states of being. You will be carrying your divine self forward for all who know you to see. And when family, friends, and coworkers see that in you, they will strive to match you. So, once this mantra for meditation brings peace into your corner of the world, it will spread outward from your heart to others.

December 11 (Authenticity): “I am my true self, and I don’t hide from the world.”

Be authentic to get closer to the Divine. It can be hard because the things you think and feel make you worry that you’ll be judged, however, you need to be honest and speak your truth fearlessly. You need to do this with love in your heart. When you can say what is really on your mind, and you can say it from a place of love, then others will hear what you are saying. People turn into authentic vibrations, and yours make you who you are at your core.

December 12 (Passion): “I am enlightened by the passions that fuel my heart’s desire.”

While it’s hard to keep your passionate fires alive, it’s essential to do so. Passion fuels what you do. These flames light up your dreams and make your heart gallop. They help you push through troubles and challenging times. For now, sit down and think about what it was that excited you when you thought about your future. Use these thoughts to light your path forward as you make your way towards your dreams. Your dreams should be at the forefront of your consciousness when you are talking about what you should be doing. Everything you do, every choice you make, should be in support of your dreams and passions.

December 13 (Success): “I have prosperity in all that I do.”

Yes, you are worthy of the success you picture in your mind. As one of your weekly mantras for meditation, picture what progress looks like to you and picture how you would share it with others. Now take bold steps to make this your reality. When you can see it to the point you can physically feel yourself shining with pride in your accomplishments, then you will awaken the universal flow that brings you your blessings. Yes, you will shine with brightness, not just from the smile on your lips and in your voice, but from your heart. And when you share this success with others, it only serves to make your light that much brighter.

December 14 (Energy): “I will enjoy the ebb of energy right now.”

Feeling low energy is okay—on occasion. We have all heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, that’s the precise reason you have low energy at times. The oceans have high tide and low tide. And since you are up to 60% water, it’s only natural that you would have a shallow pool of energy too. You need to take time for yourself, and with your busy schedule, it can be hard to do. So, nature and the Divine have given you a respite from the world. Use it, and make the most of it, before the tides come rushing back in.

December 15 (Friendship): “I am open to having new friends in my life.”

Step out of your comfort zone and take a good look at your friendships with a fresh perspective. By allowing new people into your life, you will find souls that are in the same growth period as you. Their energy, love, and joy will propel you forward in your spiritual exploration. They will also bring fresh air to your life. New friendships will certainly open new doors for you to explore with others who are willing to walk beside you so you can encourage each other.

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