Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Three of Swords Keywords

Heartbreak, grief, rejection, separation, loneliness; disappointment and betrayal.

Sword Suit Meaning

The Suit of Swords is associated with intellect, communication, logic and cunning. Some cards in this suit deal with aspects of emotional distress. Swords represent the element of Air, and the Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Both the Suit of Swords and the element of Air are concerned with truth and wisdom. Just as air signs are nonjudgmental and constantly in pursuit of knowledge, the Swords are the cards that tell hardest truths. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Knives, Blades, or Spades, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Three of Swords

The Three of Swords indicates an unexpected time of sorrow and heartache. It is also known as the heartbreak card. The Rider-Waite card for the Three of Swords shows three swords piercing a heart. Sometimes, seeing it in a reading can serve as a warning, so you’ll be more prepared. When you see this card, remember that grief is a part of both love and the cycle of life, and try to focus on the healing that will allow you to move on again.

Three of Swords in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

 You have been hurt before, and it makes you wary. The biggest obstacle between you and a happy relationship is your own past heartbreak. It can be hard to learn to trust again. Try to remember that every person is unique, and just because someone else hurt you in the past doesn’t mean a new partner will have the same pattern of behavior. Ask yourself what you need to heal and then seek it out. Now is the time to try to focus on moving forward.

Three of Swords in the Present/Today Meaning

The Three is Swords in the present position means that you’re hurting right now. Things aren’t panning out the way you had hoped, or perhaps you feel betrayed. Pain is a part of life and growth, and the best thing you can do is learn from what is happening now and choose another path. Allow yourself to learn this hard lesson and take this knowledge with you as you move forward.

Three of Swords in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

There are rough seas ahead for a relationship. If you’ve been having doubts about your partner or a potential partner, it could be time to reconsider whether or not the relationship is beneficial for you. Don’t rush into a new relationship when you see this card. Take it as a warning to look deeper and seek out someone who is more in tune with you, and who will want to learn and grow with you.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Three of Swords


If you’re looking for love, make sure you’re over your last relationship. Don’t take baggage from the past into your new love situation. Try to open your heart and let go of the past. Ask yourself about what you have learned from this experience and how it will help you find something better in the future.


The Three of Swords indicates a broken trust or baggage from the past is keeping current love at bay. There is heartache, and there is old resentment. If you’re bringing in trauma from past relationships, look at ways to let go and find trust. If you’re dealing with hurt from the past with your current partner, examine what is and what isn’t working. What do you need to feel secure? What do they need? Now is the time to focus on healing so you’ll be able to love openly again.

Career Meaning for the Three of Swords

You may be suffering from a setback at work, a failed project, or even a job loss. Remember this moment in time does not define your future. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and do better. There are times when change comes at you in unexpected and difficult ways, but often it’s paving the way for new opportunities that weren’t available to you before. Let it pass and rise above it.

Financial Meaning for the Three of Swords

When read for your career, this may indicate a time of loss or setback. Disappointment and loss in all forms can cause heartbreak. When you’ve lost something you were hopeful about or even counting on, it can feel difficult to pick the pieces up. It isn’t pleasant to feel like you’re moving backwards, but sometimes we need to rebuild and rebuild stronger. Do your best to take one step at a time to regain stability.

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