Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Four of Swords Keywords

Rest, relaxation, and contemplation. Taking time out to recharge and refocus.

Sword Suit Meaning

The suit of Swords is associated with intellect, communication, logic and cunning. Some cards in this suit deal with aspects of emotional distress. Swords represent the element of Air, and the Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Both the Suit of Swords and the element of Air are concerned with truth and wisdom. Just as Air signs are nonjudgmental and constantly in pursuit of knowledge, the Swords are the cards that tell hardest truths. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Knives, Blades, or Spades, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Four of Swords

The Four of Swords represents a time between the last crisis and the next challenge. It is a reminder that quiet contemplation away from stressful situations will allow you to heal and recharge. This card is a sign that you need to step back from whatever has your full attention at the moment and pay closer to attention to your other needs.

Four of Swords in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

You’re coming out a period of rest. Maybe it was a vacation, or perhaps a time of recovery. If you’re seeing the Four of Swords in this position, it’s a reminder that the time for rest is over. Quiet contemplation has allowed you to see through problems that seemed overwhelming before, and now it’s time to refocus your energy where it’s needed. You can come back feeling sharper and more capable of handling challenges.

Four of Swords in the Present/Today Meaning

The Four of Swords is a reminder to stop and slow down. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it’s time to put out one or both flames. Rest is just as important as perseverance, and in order to perform well you have to be well rested and firing on all cylinders. Take a break. If you’re not able to take any real time off, find ways to reset your mind from home. Don’t let excuses stand in the way, it’s better to deal with things before they become overwhelming, and better to take care of yourself before you burn out.

Four of Swords in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

You’re working hard, thinking hard, and currently consumed by a project. This period of productivity could be coming to an end. Or, if you’ve already seen productivity decline, now is the time to start planning for a break. This is a warning that you’re heading for burnout.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Four of Swords


If you’re looking for love, perhaps now is better spent taking a break from dating. The Four of Swords asks us to reflect, to spend time with ourselves, and think about what we need. If you take this time to focus on you, then you can come back later knowing what you want in a lover, giving you better romantic odds in the future.


If you and your current partner aren’t seeing eye-to-eye it might be a good time to step back and take a breath. Take some space if you need it, and work on healing your connection later. There can be a lot of pressure to work through things together, to push through, but the Four of Swords is asking you to take space for yourself, and to find the time to sort through your thoughts without interference.

Career Meaning for the Four of Swords

If your work has you stressed or feeling burned out, it may be time for a vacation. If it isn’t feasible to jet away, try to just get away. You don’t have to go far or for long, just find some time to focus on yourself and relax without the pressure from others weighing you down. Work will still be there when you get back.

Financial Meaning for the Four of Swords

At this time, you may not be too focused on working yourself to the bone for the sake of monetary abundance. You truly work to live and don’t live to work for now. The Four of Swords might be an indicator that it’s time to step up your work game and refocus your energy if you want to be more lucrative.

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