Tarot Card Spread to Guide You and Your Business

Tarot Card Spread to Guide You and Your Business | California Psychics

Tarot for the Big Questions

We often think, “How can I be more successful?” but what we’re really asking is, How can I thrive: financially, spiritually, and in health and happiness?” What are our spirits asking us to do? How can we support our families without compromising our worth and ideals? Why are we even alive in this time and place?

It seems we all ask these questions. And, luckily, there are symbols in the Tarot to answer them. It’s not just that we want or need more money, although few would refuse that. More frequently, what we’re really searching for is that elusive feeling of fulfillment that comes when we do the right job, at the right time, serving the right people, in the right way.

Sometimes, though, if we get one part of the puzzle, the entire picture will emerge for us, making the whole thing less complicated!

For Example

Robert asked: How can I progress in my business? He was stressed about what decision to make about his career. As a software engineer, he was highly paid but was feeling a strange wave of emptiness a lot of the time. He had an interest in Energy Healing and had taken some courses during his off-hours. He was good at it. As his interest grew, he wondered if the Universe was telling him to switch careers and follow his Spirit into that completely divergent field. We decided to do a ten-card Tarot spread, which points to the answers to these deep questions. Here is Robert’s reading, and what it revealed.

The Business Planning Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread’s top, center, lower, and bottom lines are laid out as follows:

Cards 1, 2, 3 (top) Cards 4, 5 (center) Cards 6, 7, 8, 9 (lower), and Card 10 (bottom center).

Robert’s Reading

Card 1- What is my Higher Purpose or what am I being called to do?

The High Priestess (Attunement to Spirit)

Robert felt called and enabled to employ his connection with Spirit to help and heal people while making a good living and sustaining an enjoyable and more flexible life for himself and those he cared about.

Card 2- How can I incorporate my calling or Higher Purpose into my business?

Death (Radical change, followed by rebirth)

This card represents an ending, and implies a rebirth, which is truly drastic! Robert saw that he couldn’t continue to just do free healings in the lunchroom at his present job, while devoting most of his time and attention to something else, and fulfill his vocational calling. He decided he would need to leave software for good.

Card 3- How do I ensure success for my business and receive personal fulfillment from it?

The Lovers (Live in sync with your soul’s purpose and with others)

For a long time, Robert had wanted more time with his partner and family and more time for self-care and recreation. His tech job kept encroaching on that time to a greater and greater extent. So, his goal in changing his focus to Energy Healing was partially motivated by his desire for a change of lifestyle. He resolved to not become a metaphysical work-a-holic just because he owned an energy healing practice.

He would check frequently with himself about whether he was getting burned out or ignoring his health and happiness. He would delegate to expert contractors the parts of his business that weren’t included in his specific niche of healing others with energy.

Card 4- How do I ensure that I offer my customers the highest value possible?

Eight of Pentacles (Never stop learning)

Robert had a couple of years of coursework in Energy Healing from various teachers already. He also knew that he would need more and more mentoring to go from being good at it to become really great at it. He was committed to spending the time and money to acquire additional training and experience from the best people in that field.

Card 5- What are some extra benefits and perks I can offer alongside the regular product?

The Star (High value aligned with my ideals)

Robert offered healing sessions for mind, body, and spirit, with no side effects. He felt great about what he offered because it was aligned with his social and spiritual values.

Card 6- What is my best business plan for the next three months?

Page of Wands (Market every day!)

He set up social media over several platforms and hired a designer to create a gorgeous website exclusively for his business.

Card 7- What is a good business development plan over the next year?

Ten of Wands (Hard Work, long hours with rewards)

This card warned that Robert needed to be patient and think long-term. His grandfather always told him, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and he said he was beginning to understand what that cliché actually meant. He also needed to work hard, and get his family on board with the fact that his schedule could be expanded temporarily while he was on the growth curve. He was mentally and emotionally prepared for that. His partner supported his decision and she agreed to fill in the financial gaps until Robert hit his stride in Energy Healing.

Card 8- Where could I potentially take my business?

The World (Unlimited potential)

With the internet behind him, he could potentially have clients anywhere on Earth. Since there is no separation in Spirit, he could do remote healings with wonderful results! This card is a great omen for success. It is the highest numbered card in the Major Arcana.

Card 9- Where can I find new opportunities?

Six of Pentacles (Give to those less able)

Robert decided to practice his healing art as a volunteer for the homeless of his town at a local charity a portion of every week. In contrast, he began doing sessions for a high-end resort spa, too, to gather referrals and contacts while he honed his art.

Card 10- What is the immediate future of my business, and will it have a positive impact?

The Sun (Health)

Robert’s business brought significantly more health and happiness to the world! It fostered his own spiritual progress and evolution. It contributed greatly to the body of knowledge on the topic of Energy Healing. It made it possible for him to live a life with wholeness. This benefited his partner, his children, his community, and the world.

Leap of Faith

Starting a new venture can be frightening, especially when you live a comfortable, stable life. However, the drive to feel fulfilled cannot be ignored forever. Thankfully, the power of Tarot is there to guide you when you’re ready to answer the call and take that leap of faith.


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