Daily Draw: The Page of Cups


The Page of Cups is a favorite child – pretty young thing who is loving, sweet and always available with kisses and hugs. I call this Page “The Emoter.” This Page brings us good news, and has been caught outside, picking the prettiest flowers right out of our garden – but how can you be mad, when you see that fair face covered in dust because of the need to get those best flowers for you? And then you look past your sweetpea’s little adorable feet to the splattered mud that’s been tracked across your freshly mopped floor. Yet who could be angry when those big, sincere bright eyes are peering at you from a face so familiar it makes you start to cry? And why is it so familiar? Well… because it’s your own face plastered onto a tiny Mini-you, and Mini-you is always ready to share and snuggle. However, when the Page of Cups is naughty – oh, it’s on. Your relationship will go to emotional extremes – lies so flagrant you can’t even flatter them with cute words like “fibbing.” Tantrums that sound like rock-star screams. Those sweet baby kisses replaced with “I hate you!” – while you stare into eyes that you know, for at least that moment, really mean it. (Over-indulgence and emotionally draining behavior is also found in this Page.) But like a midwestern sky, even the storms are fascinating. And they, too, will pass.

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