Turn Off the Technology

How many times have you sent a text you regretted the next day? Ever checked your partner’s cell phone records for numbers not your own? Consistently waiting for that special ring tone? Take back your sanity and turn off your cell phone!

According to the New York Times some 15% of Americans are opting to live without their cellular ball and chain. That’s a novel idea – imagine a world in which you could take a day off from work without still being connected to the daily grind. Stop stressing about when they’ll call and be surprised when they do.

Take charge – unplug your love.

I’m definitely not part of that 15%. So for the rest of us who need to keep the buzz, here’s a pretty neat iPhone app that tells you how psychic you are.

9 thoughts on “Turn Off the Technology

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  6. Pam

    Believe it or not I do not have a cellphone……. I have never wanted and still do not want one so why would I be bothered I have a land line. Everywhere I turn there are people whether they are in doctor’s office, mall, restaurants, car why even yesterday I was standing with my daughter whilst she changed her baby in the washrooom and even there there were females in various stalls talking on their cells. Oh yes my daughter is just as bad my goodness she will drive and talk with her 10 week old baby on board, as heaven forbid her husband and friends must be continual contact and checking on her whereabouts. Thank God the Province of B.C. is bringing in legislation to ban talking unless it is completely hands free also texting whilst driving will be banned.

  7. nova

    I remember the days without the cell leash with fondness, but today’s life screams out for balance. I wish that more people would turn off technology at least partially. Our family has an Earth day every Sunday where we don’t use any technology and it’s a beautiful luxury. 24 hours without texts, emails, cars, tv, electricity…ah. Just family and candles 🙂

  8. Pandafox

    I once got in an argument with my boyfriend at the time. I was so mad I threw my cell phone after I hung up. It shattered. I couldn’t afford a new one for a few months and it was one of the most peaceful times of my life. I never thought about it. My family eventually insisted I get a new one because I was impossible to get a hold of…i should do that again.


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